Every single thing and the query about it start with what arethey? Why should we use it? What are the pros and cons and cons of it, and why should we use it when the market is full of everything with so much variety? Right? 

Let’shelp you out find your answers and reach a reasonable and wise decision. So, beginning with- what is Scleralense, and how is it different from others?

If studied biologically according tohuman eyes, the white part of the eye is called the sclera,and the coloured part is known as the iris.

That’s the very basics definition of it all. The sclera is all white in humans, and that’s what we all are so used to seeing. A normal human eye has a coloured eyeball, and the rest of the eye is white.

Now for a moment, imagine your entire eye gone black. Does it feel scary or thrilling? It can possibly be both. But at least for once in your life, try out this exciting, freaky and spooky black sclera 22mm full eye coloured lenses.

The Pros of Sclera Lenses No One has Ever Told You

The truth is, people,don’t want to share the best things and secrets with people because it makes them think people will steal their ideas. But the fact is good things, and good ideas always make their way. Let us tell you the pros of sclera lenses that cover your entire eye.

These all-black, full eye covered sclera lenses;

  1. Make sure you don’t look similar to anyone else; it helps you look different in an astounding way.
  2. All black eyes can be really convincing, at times hypnotizing too- oh, well, very weak-hearted people can faint as well.
  3. The best thing about unique things and trendsetters is that no ever forgets their face. So, be ready to be known as the one with all-black eyes for the rest of your lives.
  4. People might think its cheating, but you actually are the beauty with brains if you’ve picked up all black sclera lenses for yourself because they suit equally well every colour of outfit.

Well, well, well… Looking at yourself in the mirror for a little time might take you some courage. Don’t be shocked and embrace your new look because you have to shock other people.

The Magical Black Eyes

All black sclera lenses in size 22mm will cover your entire eyes, leaving behind no white spot and covers your natural eye colour as well. It makes you look like a supernatural character, which you can, later on, convert into some other character of your choice. These Black Sclera lenseshave some sort of freaky power that takes over everything. There is no white in the entire eye – not even a little bit of it, isn’t it a little difficult to digest? Ah, don’t worry; having black eyes doesn’t mean your vision will be blocked, or you won’t be able to see anything or see everything as black. They are safe to use, and they won’t cause any trouble with vision. So, relax.

Scare the pants off people

Well, now you might be able to guess why Black Sclera contacts- that covers your full eye really scare the pants off people and make their hearts go racing, and even make people jump and scream in fear! Even the strongest person can be scared of you if you walk all of a sudden in these scary and freaky black eyes and them at them into the eyes.

Perfect time To try Black sclera 22mm full eye covered lenses

Let us all agree for once that whenever the ball is around or events like Halloweens, carnivals, theme nights, and costume parties- we all immediately start thinking of unique looks that we can create in minimum time. Some of you might really be tilted towards cute looks with pretty shining blue and green eyes. But as a matter of factmany of us have hidden evil and devil characters inside us that we all want to take out on such eves. So, to do that, nothing is better, smarter, and more devilish than to begin your eyes. Do so by grabbing yourself a pair of black sclera 22mm full eye covered lenses.

Why you’ll never be able to forget the sight of someone in Black sclera 22mm full eye covered lenses

There is this thing in human nature that whenever we see someone in a unique thing, we always remember them by that thing. And that makes us fail. It fails us to remember them by anything else but that. Just like if you see someone in pink hair, you will forever remember them by pink hair. Similarly, if you see someone in all black eyes, you will be amazed at first; after that, their picture- the picture of their fully covered black eyes will be imprinted in your brain forever.

Incase you want someone to remember you forever and mark your presence in their heart and brain permanently, go with the help of these Black sclera 22mm full eye covered lenses.

These lenses are very soft and gentle to eyes. Moreover, they are as safe as any other lenses. Don’t go on the size 22mm or the all-black colour. These two things just add all the drama you need in anything. These lenses will perfectly fit into your eyes without causing any damage or changing your vision. So, just pick them up, dress up in the finest most and most charming attire, and create magic with those makeup brushes.

Why create a weird-out effect?

Are you thinking what is even the need to create this weird look- all spooky and freaky instead of going normal? Well, it is because some events, some functions and some nights demand you to do so. It’s too bad to be too boring all the time. So, don’t do that to yourself anymore and get yourself a pair of Black sclera 22mm full eye covered lenses and dress up as any of the character named below.

  • A Zombie
  • The Possessed
  • Any Witch or Warlock
  • A Vampire with an edge
  • A classic undead character

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