Is the ultimate goal of your life is becoming a children’s book illustrator? Well, we have great news for you. Here, we present before you a list of resources that will showcase many art tools and tips like how to connect with publishers and such. So are you ready? Let’s get started. We all understand it well that illustrations are figuratively the life elements of a children’s book. Without a doubt, the story has to be engaging as well as the illustrations must be breathtaking. They should possess the power to bring the entire story to life. Most illustrators in today’s times are actually the ones who once in their lifetimes had something for illustrations. 

And if you happen to visit the office of one of those and read on the door illustrator for hire, then don’t waste another second, go ahead and hire the guy. But if you are an illustrator who always fantasized about bringing the background, and the actors in the story to life with your art, you have come to the right place. And congrats, the world needs people like you to color its children’s books. In this blog, you are going to come across some tips like how to get a job in such a sector and where to find publishers to showcase your art and your online portfolio as well. 

The Tools To Use

Today the world has completely become digital. Hence, along with some awesome drawing skills, you will also need to have unbeatable knowledge of all the tools and programs needed to be a perfect Picture book illustrator.

Traditional Tools

Traditional tools to illustrate children’s books were present before you and I were even born and take me seriously here, they are going to be here for a much longer time. Art directors have a thing for illustrators who excel in utilizing traditional tools for drawing. Watercolor, gouache, painting, all these are traditional mediums of getting a traditional design done. While they are stunning sources to build up your portfolio, they without a doubt, gather the attention of the most settled and renowned publishers. 

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Adobe Creative Cloud

13 years ago, Adobe was nothing. But today, the Adobe company is one of the leading behemoths in the illustration agency. Under the Adobe creative cloud, you will get a number of tools lurking around for you to learn such as photoshop, illustrator, after effects, InDesign and much more. If you are a student, you are going to get the entire creative cloud for almost half the cloud. If you are a designer but not a student, you will have to pay quite handsomely for the cloud on a regular and monthly basis. So yeah, that’s the catch. It’s available for monthly and yearly subscription model now. 

While creating an online portfolio to find a job in the world of illustration, make sure it is stunning and stand out of the rest. The illustration is not anymore a hobby. With every single day passing, a lot of professionals are jumping in this field and hence, the competition is high. 

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