What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the terms’ scleral contact lenses‘ and sclera contact lenses‘? Your primary thought is, “do these not refer to the same thing?” Perhaps your succeeding thought would be that scleral or sclera are those used to create special effects and spook people away on Halloween. Well, you are not wrong, but only partially correct.

What are scleral contact lenses?

Scleral lenses are gas-permeable, large-diameter contact lenses that sit on the white of the eye (sclera) and cover the entire corneal surface while creating a tear-filled vault.

These lenses are used to treat various medical conditions related to the eye that does not respond to other treatments.

What are the sclera contact lenses?

They are special effects lenses that alter the appearance of the wearer’s eye. They are soft contact lenses that do not have a fluid-filled reservoir. Apart from their bigger than normal size, these lenses have little to no resemblance to scleral lenses. They are mainly used for cosmetic purposes.

Uses of Scleral contact lenses

Now that hopefully all ambiguities about scleral lenses are cleared up let’s discuss the kind of ophthalmological conditions scleral lenses are useful in treating. Following are a few medical conditions scleral lenses are known to be helpful in.

1. Keratoconus

For people who have been told that they cannot wear contact lenses, it is probably because you have an irregular cornea. But here is your saving grace!

Scleral lenses are usually recommended to patients with hard-to-fit eyes, which means that the normal contact lens causes incessant discomfort when you blink and constantly move out of place.

Keratoconus is also a type of disorder that affects the regularity of the cornea. It is a progressive disorder that causes the cornea to thin and evolve into a cone-like shape.

It is because they vault over the entire corneal surface, scleral lenses correct vision problems by replacing the irregular cornea with a round, smooth one.

2. Severe Dry Eye Syndrome

Scleral lenses create a fluid-filled surface between the cornea and the back of the lens. This fluid constantly bathes the cornea, which can be a cause of relief for patients with ocular surface diseases like extremely dry eyes. So it is alright if you cannot tear up because now there is no need to!

3. Post-surgery Sensitivity

Most patients are recommended Scleral contact lenses post-LASIK surgery or after a cornea transplant because the eye is very sensitive after these procedures.

Now that the informative part is over, let’s move on to the more interesting part of this blog:

Uses of Sclera Lenses

They are mainly used for special effects in movies like Star Trek and TV shows like Supernatural, for costume parties, Halloween, and a horror movie-inspired makeup worth thousands of likes on Instagram.

If you are up for quarantine-o-ween or are feeling inspired here is a list of costume ideas you can refer to for your next Halloween look or Instagram post:

1. Red Sclera Contact Lenses

  • Want to look like fire? We have got a perfect idea. Get into a red dress, put on some red makeup, and pop in those red lenses. You will bring the most heat to the party!
  • Inspired by a vampire who has just finished his meal? Red sclera lenses will work great in that costume!
  • Guess who is always on top? An alpha of a wolf pack. Choose this fierce look paired with red sclera contacts to be on the top of your game this Halloween!
  • Everyone knows the devil’s favorite color: Red! A pair of glittery horns, a sexy dress, and red sclera contacts make the perfect devil.

2. Black Sclera Contact Lenses

  • Want to reveal your dark side this Halloween? We have got your back. Just like demons show full black eyes to reveal themselves, pop in a pair of black sclera lenses to show your inner demon.
  •  Zombies are a classic during Halloween. And what is better to show you are the walking dead than a pair of lifeless eyes?
  • Inspired by the blood-thirsty Katherine from the Vampire Diaries? Get a wig to match her long beautiful hair and a pair of black sclera contacts to complete the look!
  • Guess who else has hollow eye sockets? You guessed it, skeletons! A black and white ensemble of a skeleton paired with black sclera lenses will surely make people tremble in fear!

3. White Sclera Contact Lenses

Game of Thrones may have ended on a bitter note, but don’t we all love it? Reminiscing the show’s ultimate hero, Bran Stark, the guide to being the three-eyed raven is simple. A pair of white sclera lenses and a wheelchair!

  • Are you hypnotized yet by this blog? Not really? But you can pretend like it this Halloween with a pair of white sclera lenses.

4. Blue Sclera Contact Lenses

Winter is here! So are the white walkers! This Halloween goes all out dressed up as the dreaded white walker. Play with a little cosplay and pop in blue sclera contacts to turn heads this Halloween.


While the idea of trying something out is always exhilarating, even intimidating for some, it is imperative that we get sufficient information on the topic. For people with medical conditions, consult you, ophthalmologist, for scleral lenses.

And for those looking out to have some fun, sclera lenses are your best friend. However, do consult your doctor, research, talk to a few friends who have previously used them, and never compromise on quality because health comes first! Stay safe and happy!

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