According to the data collected from International Data Corporation (IDC), India’s PC market achieved around 167.2% growth in Q3 of 2020, compared to the previous quarter. Evidently, the pandemic fuelled the demand for electronic devices like laptops and tablets, as students and salaried individuals prepared for remote work and studies, respectively.

Despite such enormous growth, some of the brands are still struggling to establish a strong presence in the market. And those which are already popular for various reasons have numerous options from Apple MacBook to Dell XPS series, to offer their consumers. Consequently, individuals, especially students, find it hard to decide which one to go for.

Following is a list of top-selling products from some reliable brands to ease the process of choosing an ideal laptop to meet your learning needs.

Lenovo laptops vs Apple MacBook

There are certain features every student looks for while choosing a laptop. As the purpose is mainly to utilise it for research work, preparing assignments, scheduling tasks, etc., one needs a product that is easily accessible.

Here are two important aspects to look out for:

  • Variety

The choices of Apple products are comparatively limited when compared to other brands. Therefore, students who are looking for budget-friendly laptops cannot depend on Apple products for study purposes.

On the other hand, Lenovo has various models from Lenovo i3 laptops to more high-end options. Since the requirements are basic, budget-friendly options are often preferable. In this regard, Apple fails to deliver adequate products. 

  • User Compatibility

From the sleek design to the latest features, MacBook series are ideal for remote work or study. Also, in terms of productivity, Lenovo stays ahead due to its great usability and battery life.

While i7 models from this brand are equipped with exclusive features, Lenovo i3 laptopis equally stand out for its impressive performance, HD display, and versatility. Some of the models from this range like ThinkPad E480 also possess Fingerprint reader, to lock out unauthorised users.

  • Others

Flexibility, consistency, and affordability are some important parameters students look for before making a high-value purchase. Apple products are extraordinary in terms of design, and its integrated virus protection sets it apart from Windows laptop models, where users struggle to find adequate protection against virus and malware.

Moreover, when it comes to the price range, individuals, especially students, look for devices that hold the utmost value for the cost they are paying. Apple MacBook inevitably possesses higher value, while other Windows products deliver a similar kind of flexibility and support.

Purchasing a MacBook Pro or any other model from this series can be expensive initially. Nevertheless, in the long run, it remains a cost-effective option. Students can count on the durability factor of these devices, which Windows models like Lenovo, HP laptops, etc.

often fail to deliver. Utilising reliable financing options like a Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card, managing these high-value purchases also get easier. It allows the buyers to convert the large amount into small EMIs and pay as per their convenience.

Keeping durability, customer support, and device safety in mind, Apple MacBook series can easily win in the comparison game. However, for students, factors like more varieties, user compatibility, affordability, etc., are equally important. And in that case, Lenovo laptops predominantly obtain the leading position.

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