Before we continue let me explain you about what actually it is. Trails Carolina is located in the blue ridge mountains of the North Carolina. It is beautiful place to connect with the nature & the wild life.

Trails Carolina is a wilderness program especially designed for the teenagers to develop them. This program focuses mainly on the mental, emotional & physical aspects of a teen’s life.

Parents send their children here just to increase their self esteem, make them brave. Its cost is very high. But it provides funds to the needy families those are facing crisis.

Trails Carolina stories: is it truth or rumors?

Trails Carolina abuse are the painful statement of the teens those have chosen their programs. They have said that the staff of the Trails Carolina abuse them both mentally & emotionally.

They doesn’t fulfill their basic requirement such as water, food medical facilities etc. Teens said that they were left in the wildlife where there were dangerous animals available such as snakes & bears.

This is really a heart breaking thing as teenagers are not mentally or physically strong to handle that kind of torture. It can lead to a serious mental disorder that can last for their whole life.

We all know that it’s not safe to live in the wildlife without have safetly protocols.

Why was the Trails Carolina established?

Trails Carolina was established to provide children confidence, help them overcome their anxiety & depression. Relax them to relive their anger issues.

Trails Carolina abuse wanted to connect teenagers to the wildlife & the nature. The main goal was to add morals in them & we all know teenager is the age of growth in this age overall growth & development takes place.

So children of this age are mostly self conscious about their physical appearance & because of the fluctuations of the hormones their anger issues, depression, mood swings arises.

So to overcome these things, to make teens confident about their appearance & make their mind calm this program was started.
Trails Carolina was established in the year 2008 to improve the relationship of teens with their parents.
There are various programs provided by Trails Carolina Abuse-
1. They divide the teens in four sections-
• 11-13 year old boys
• 11-13 year old girls
• 14-17 year old boys
• 14-17 year old girls
2. They provide 3 different programs-
• Mental Development
• Emotional Development
• Self esteem
3. They provide 2 options-
• Academics
• Tuitions

Trails Carolina horror stories: what’s the dark secret about it?

• Trails Carolina Abuse by staff member: Teens have reported physical & mental abuse by the staff of trails Carolina “abuse”. Teens were tortured & bullied by the staff members of Trails Carolina.

Students said that they were left alone in outdoor activities without the supervision of an adult, where there were snakes & bears. They even said that they were not provided first aid when they get injured in the outdoor activities in the hills.
• Exposure to Wilderness: Although they say that wildlife is a part of their therapy. But they are not available with their plan B as its totally dangerous to live in that dangerous place that is exposed to reptiles & mammals.

Allowing teens to live in that place without having safety tools is a complete foolish thing.
• Injuries & lack of supervision: Many parents have complaint that their children were left alone in the hills for the outdoor activities such as climbing hills & running without any expert or adult.

So because of this their children got injured badly. We all know that this could be really traumatizing for kids.

What should you be aware about before sending your teen to Trail Carolina abuse-

1. Serious Rеsеarch: Before sending your teen to any association just check everything about their history, reviews & the programs they provide.
2. Sitе Visit: If you can, then you should visit the location before sending the teen to anywhere. You must check all the facilities, check the safety measures etc.
3. In-Dеpth & direct conversations: Spеak dirеctly with the staff members, ask about the safеty protocols, and ask for the child’s safety & wellbeing.
4. Take advise from Expеrts: Go & talk to the experts ask them is it perfect. Or should I go for another program. Will this program help my child to overcome his fears.
5. Altеrnativе Options: There is always another option to choose from. Check all the different options, costs, programs that are offered by them & so on. Although you want to give your child the best so always research before getting any one option for them.


Trails Carolina horror stories happened just due to the negligence of the parents, they just neglected the importance to visit the spot.

They didn’t check whether there are perfect safety measures & basic necessity available for their child. The most important thing is they could have improved their relationship with their children through conversation but they chose a complicated way.

If they just simply talked & resolved the problem then these Trails Carolina horror stories would never happened to any child.

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