The good quality of CBD Cannabis? Sometimes it’s not hard to guess: when you buy light cannabis inflorescences directly from the store, for example, you can immediately verify that they have the bright color, turgid, resinous texture at the tips, and pungent odor characteristic of a good quality herb. In other circumstances and for other types of products it is not so simple: when you buy online, for example, you have to renounce to a series of empirical tests like the ones just listed and even if you buy in a physical hemp shop it is not easy to understand without tasting it if a certain CBD Oil is really a good cannabidiol oil, effective for the use you intend to do. This is not to say that there aren’t some factors to pay attention to that help you buy only good quality CBD Cannabis and products.

Good quality CBD Cannabis: three things to watch out for

One of these, perhaps the most important, has to do with who produces and where the light cannabis you intend to buy comes from. As long as you buy CBD Cannabis and products coming from European hemp cultivations, you can be sure that the maximum threshold of 0.6% of THC is respected, that is to say that you are actually buying legal weed, whose consumption is legal in our country and without any drugging efficacy. More generally, in European cultivations more stringent standards are respected, for example on the use of chemical agents, which give more guarantees to the consumer about the safety of the product he is buying. From this point of view, the ideal would be to prefer light herb and CBD Cannabiscoming from Italian cultivations: they are generally less intensive and the short supply chain ensures a greater respect of the organoleptic properties of the raw material; the good news is that, given the popularity that hemp derivatives have acquired in our country, it is not difficult to find today 100% Italian CBD companies with a wide and differentiated catalog, as CBD Therapy is.

If it is a matter of preserving the organoleptic properties of the raw material, however, a sign of good quality CBD Cannabis and products is also the use of minimally invasive processing procedures in all phases of transformation that lead to the finished product. Among these there is, for example, the cold extraction which, unlike other extraction techniques, is respectful and able to alter only minimally even the most volatile particles such as those responsible for the characteristic smell and aftertaste of hemp derivatives. Information about how light cannabis is produced, as well as information about who and where it is produced, can be easily found on the packaging and labels or on the product sheets if you buy it online.

Especially in this last hypothesis some more guarantee comes from gathering information on the online hemp shop from which you intend to order, reading if available reviews and ratings from other customers who have already concluded their purchases to verify that everything went well. Often when you buy light herb online the problems do not arise, in fact, so much with the quality of the same as with mode and shipping costs that are not what you expected, conditions of return not particularly favorable, very long waiting times, etc..

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