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Bengalis and their love for sweets is well recognized across the world. Yes, it is true that Bengalis make delicious sweets. Recently, one of the popular Bengali sweets, Rasgulla has even won the GI mark. But, you would make a gross mistake if you think that the culinary skill of Bengalis is limited to making sweets.


In fact, contrary to popular belief, Bengalis are adept at making a wide variety of Bengali dishes. From Pani Puri to Misti Doi, there are endless varieties of Bengali foods available to romanticize your taste buds. So, whether or not you are a food connoisseur, you must taste Bengali cuisines at least once.


But, do not feel despaired if you are deprived of this divine taste. There are restaurants here in Toronto that bring the same taste right to your doorstep, well almost. One such top restaurant offering delicious Bengali food in Toronto is Adda Bistro.


The talented chefs at the restaurant are well-trained in the art of the original secret recipes. They prepare and present to you these dishes using farm-fresh local ingredients. Besides, the restaurant also allows you to experience the adda culture of Bengal. So, the next time you want to experience authentic Bangaliana and some delicious Bengali dishes, visit Adda Bistro.


And while you are at Adda Bistro, do not forget to give the following Bengali delicacies a try –

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After you have settled into the traditional adda atmosphere, you can start your journey to culinary paradise by digging into some starters. Here is a lowdown of some starters you can experience at the restaurant.


Pani puri shots


Pani puri ranks amongst the most favorite dishes for most Bengalis. At Adda Bistro, the chefs will make the dish in the most traditional way and present to you the authentic taste of Bengal. You will simply lose yourself as you bite into the deep-fried hollow shells filled with spice-infused mashed potatoes.


The crunchiness of the shells and the concoction of different mixtures will mesmerize you. At Adda Bistro, you can taste this traditional Bengali food in three different options. Adda Bistro also lets you add Tequila Shots to your Pani Puri for a little extra price.


Deviled Eggs


Deviled eggs perhaps had its origin in the Roman era and reached Bengal during the Colonial era. Nonetheless, it is one of the hot favorite dishes amongst Bengali people. So, if you happen to visit a Bengali food restaurant, like Adda Bistro, you should not forget to try Deviled eggs.  


At Adda Bistro, this delicacy is prepared using boiled eggs that are first encased in a keema mixture. Then the eggs along with the keema mixture is breaded and fried to give you an authentic taste. You can enjoy the Deviled eggs with tomato/ chili sauce or a mustard kasundi dip.


Chicken Cutlet 


This is yet another hot favorite dish of the Bengalis.  Adda Bistro prepares the dish in a way that is similar to the style followed by veteran Bengali chefs. After an arduous process wherein the chicken is separated from bones, marinated, shredded, mixed with onion, ginger garlic paste, garam masala, etc., they offer you delicious, crispy and tender chicken cutlets.


You can enjoy the chicken cutlet with the spicy mayo and the onion salad that is served alongside. Besides these, there are several other Bengali dishes that the restaurant serves and you can enjoy as starters. Now that we have discussed the starters in length, let’s move on to main course dishes.


Main Course


Before talking about the other dishes in the main course, let’s start our discussion with one that the Nawab of Lucknow brought into Bengal and is now a hot favorite amongst the locals. If you haven’t guessed it already, here is the answer – kebabs.


Adda Bistro offers a variety of kebabs to people like you who are looking for Bengali food in Toronto. But, we believe the best of it all that you must try is Galouti Kebab.


Galouti Kebab


Adda Bistro serves this top-favorite Bengali food in two variants – vegetarian and mutton. They are prepared in a way that they will melt in your mouth as soon as you gulp them. Just imagine having them while listening to your favorite song in a relaxed atmosphere – heavenly, isn’t it? That is why you must visit Adda Bistro.


Mutton Curry


Adda Bistro prepares this dish in the traditional Bengali way and serves it with rice/ naan. As soon as you dig into the preparation, you will definitely lose yourself. Besides the mutton curry, the restaurant also offers chicken lunch wherein you can enjoy delicious home cooked chicken with rice.


Final words


The list of Bengali dishes we have mentioned above is not exhaustive. At Adda Bistro, you can enjoy a wide variety of Bengali cuisines and have a full-size Bengali outing. So, come pay a visit to experience authentic Bengali food and culture.


We are sure that you will end your visit by licking your fingertips!


So, why wait? Pay a visit now!











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