A wide range of clients from all over the country, including watch dealers, auction houses, private collectors, and pawn shops, come to Eric Brahms on a regular basis to authenticate, evaluate, and establish values for not only Rolex watches, but also Patek Philippe watches, Audemars Piquet watches, and other rare vintage timepieces, among other things. In addition to his work being sold at auction, where he has achieved record prices, many of his pieces are also acquired by some of the most famous collectors and organisations in the world.

Having worked in the restoration of antique timepieces for more than 10 years, Eric Brahms has established relationships with some of the world’s most renowned craftsmen and restoration professionals in the field. There are some world-class watchmakers, laser welders, case finishers, bracelet repair experts, and rare parts merchants among the group, all of whom are capable of locating the last pieces of the puzzle that are otherwise impossible to come by. Jewellers and metalsmiths are among those who work in the industry.

A rare watch in pristine shape is always a treasure, but being able to locate a rare watch in terrible condition and restore it to its former splendour is a rare gift that Eric Brahms possesses.

  1. Eric Brahms is a passionate entrepreneur who truly loves what he does. He has a great passion for business, and his enthusiasm is apparent in every post that he shares on Instagram. If you are looking for someone to motivate you to get out of bed in the morning, then Eric Brahms is your guy!
  2. Eric Brahms doesn’t just talk the talk, he walks the walk. He truly believes in helping others succeed, and has become known as one of the leading authorities on entrepreneurship and personal development in America. His words of wisdom are extremely valuable, and can be found throughout his posts on Instagram.
  3. Eric Brahms knows how to have fun! Not only does he love business, but he also loves to have a good time! His pictures are always entertaining and entertaining to look at, whether it be a picture of him with some friends or even just sitting somewhere having lunch by himself (he seems like a pretty lonely guy).
  4. Eric Brahms is a man of the people. He is always willing to help others, and shares his knowledge with everyone that follows him. Whether it be through a comment or even just a simple like, he always gives back to the people who follow him on Instagram.

Eric Brahms has excellent choice in timepieces! It is always full of lovely photographs of his vintage watch collection on his Instagram page, and he is always happy to give vital information about his watches with anyone who follows him there! With the help of Eric Brahms, you will be able to obtain some stunning vintage timepieces at a reasonable price! He has contacts all over the world for buying and selling vintage timepieces, and he will walk you through the process of purchasing one if you are interested.



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