When was the last time you felt an excruciating pain in the back of your mouth, and you cannot seem to relate the cause of it? If it is a tooth pain in one of your back molars, then there is a high chance you are suffering with a Wisdom toothache problem. 

Wisdom toothache can happen anytime around the age of 17 – 25. It usually takes place when you are transitioning from your teenage years to a complete adult. Wisdom tooth is the third molar in your mouth that sprouts on both the sides of your teeth sets. It is how you get 32 teeth from 28. 

As far as their removal is concerned, you can get them removed when they become excruciatingly painful. When that happens, dentists often ask the patient to get a jaw X-ray done so they can identify which tooth is creating problems. These X-rays also help dentists to predict wisdom tooth problems beforehand before they even arise. 

By doing so it becomes easier for them to remove wisdom tooth beforehand. 

What Are the Signs That Your Wisdom Tooth is Growing? 

People normally do not focus when they start growing a wisdom tooth in their mouth because of its location. It starts growing at the very back of the mouth and in most cases, you will not even feel a thing while it silently grows. The only way they get detected is when they visit the local dental care in Dublin who upon checkup informs them that a wisdom tooth is coming. After consultation, your dentist then asks you if you want your wisdom tooth removed or not. 

What Happens When a Wisdom Tooth is Left Untreated? 

Normally, when a wisdom tooth oddly grows in your mouth, it automatically adjusts itself to fit in with the rest of the teeth. But, at times, this tooth growth becomes abnormal and as a result, the tooth starts growing at an odd angle. This creates a lot of problems for your other teeth. If left untreated, the wisdom tooth can lead the person into a myriad of tooth problems which can lead to increasing discomforts and more frequent visits to your local dentist.

Some of the problems that oddly angled wisdom tooth can create include, 

  • It may stay completely concealed inside the jaw and result in becoming an impacted wisdom tooth which can later create cysts and tumors in your jaw.
  • Partial growth of wisdom teeth can lead to bacterial infection. Hence, if not treated during the early stages, it can result in causing serious infection.
  • When wisdom teeth do not have enough space to grow, it can result in crowding of teeth. Teeth crowding can often lead to serious damages for other teeth.

When is the Best Time to Remove Wisdom Teeth?

It is why most dentists suggest that wisdom teeth should be removed during the late teenage years. 

Why late teenage years? 

That is because during that period, when the child is young the gum roots are in the developing stage. Removing the teeth when the roots are not fully formed, it becomes easier for the dentist to perform easier surgeries. One other remarkable benefit of removing wisdom teeth early on is that the patient does not have to go through a long recovery period.

Nowadays it has become a growing trend in Ireland where many adults and teenagers are getting their wisdom teeth removed as a preventive measure. Believe it or not, but there are no side effects reported yet. In case you plan on delaying your wisdom tooth removal process, make sure to go for a routine dentist check up every month. And, during your checkups, if you feel any kind of pain in the back of your mouth or in your gums, then it is a clear sign, it’s time to get your wisdom tooth removed.

As you begin experiencing changes in the overall teeth structure of your mouth, and you encounter, 

  • Excruciating toothache in your molars
  • Soft tissue damage in the back of mouth
  • Teeth infections in your molars
  • Severe gum diseases and bleeding

Then here are the indicators that show you have a wisdom tooth problem. At times as such, it is best that you get in touch with your local dentist and ask them to check for wisdom teeth. 

What are the Dangers of Not Getting Your Wisdom Tooth Removed? 

One of the common reasons why you should get your wisdom tooth removed is because at times, they fail to grow straight out of your gums. Instead, they start growing sideways into the other molars of your teeth which later results in impacted tooth issues. As a result, you can even experience issues that can lead to more severe orthodontic or periodontal problems. 

If you are unable to visit your dentist, you can always try different home remedies which can soothe your wisdom tooth pain. In case, your wisdom tooth results in an infection, then it becomes eminent for you to visit your local dentist and get it removed as soon as possible. If left untreated, these infections can lead to serious health conditions including cardiac problems. 

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