Synthetic ice. What exactly is it? As nice as it is to skate and play hockey on real ice, it melts. Since there are so many people out there who love ice sports, somebody came up with a way to play these sports in any weather at any time of the year. Synthetic ice. If you find a high-quality manufacturer that is able to provide the best kind, you can seriously play hockey, or any other ice sport just like you would on ice.  It’s simply amazing to be able to skate in your basement or garage! 

How Synthetic Ice Works

Synthetic ice is actually made out of a type of high-density polyethylene material. A lot of higher quality brands, such as Sniper’s Edge Hockey’s Sniper’s Ice have self-lubricating properties in order to give the ice that extra glide feature that comes with real ice. Generally, synthetic ice is made up of several interlocking tiles. These tiles are placed firmly on a hard, even, flat surface. When they are installed correctly there is essentially no seam to be found and the experience is remarkably similar to skating on actual ice. The only big difference is that there is no water, no melting, and no mess. Also, you may find that you move a little slower.

Playing Hockey on Synthetic Ice

Because it is a little bit harder to skate on synthetic ice than real ice it is a great way to build stellar skills and strength. It is harder to stay balanced, and there is a bit of a drag so this extra friction helps to build strength and muscle for the real game. It’s not enough of a drag to take away from the game, it’s just enough to help build endurance and skills. There are full-sized hockey rinks out there that are made out of synthetic ice tiles for pros that work great for games.

Why Use Synthetic Ice?

With modern technology and brilliant engineers abound there are several places that house year-round ice rinks. So why would anybody want to use synthetic ice? For one thing, it takes an incredible amount of money to run and maintain an indoor ice skating rink. If saving money and energy isn’t enough for you here are some other reasons:

  • Play indoors or outdoors any time of year
  • Can be installed almost anywhere
  • Constant opportunities for practice
  • Build a rink in your own backyard or garage
  • Improve your hockey stride
  • Great practice experience

Where to Get High-Quality Synthetic Ice

Because of the huge and growing popularity of synthetic ice, there are many places to purchase it. However, if you want to make sure that you are getting the best bang for your buck be sure to shop with a company that is passionate about hockey and training. Sniper’s Edge Hockey is all about high-quality and proper training. Check out the synthetic ice they have available and all of their other hockey training aids as well.

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