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There has been a surge in the demand for mobile applications. Mobile apps have become the second nature for most online businesses today. Whether it is clothing, food and beverage, banking, entertainment, electronics or any other industry, the presence of an app is the core reason behind the success of online businesses. Having an online business does not only mean running a website but also a mobile app that is accessible to customers from anywhere at any given point in time. Businesses today require a team of software professionals who can help them create an app that is likable, user-friendly and most importantly, makes their product or service sell.

When you open your phone and take a good look, you will find yourself swimming in a sea of applications that provide various services or products at your doorstep. When businesses want to cater to their desired customer base, they must make their app stand out in terms of design, features and usability. Most international companies hire mobile app developers from India to save costs and are still  guaranteed top-quality applications that are tailored to suit current trends and market expectations.

International companies choose to outsource mobile app development to India because Indian developers are known to have technical experience, knowledge and training in the field, making them a desirable and cost-effective option. Despite the  reputation India enjoys in the global IT industry, it is recommended that companies consider certain key factors before making their final choice and onboarding  a team of developers  for their project.

These factors provide clarity and a deeper understanding of industry trends that companies need to know of when opting for offshore mobile app development in India.


Consider the experience of the developer and the years that he/she has had to spend to develop his/her craft. The increasing demand for IT services in India has led to several growing and established firms. This makes the pool of choices and options even wider. However, this also requires you to practice a certain degree of discernment and take into consideration the experience of the professionals before hiring. A thorough review of their websites and clientele can reflect the time they have spent in the business as well as the versatility they possess.


-Technical Expertise

Apart from experience, it is also important for the company you bring onboard to hold technical certifications and staff developers, who are adept with the latest technology and trends. It is usually a productive and successful partnership when the development team is keen to learn despite having in-depth knowledge of the technical aspects. They can add valuable insights and suggest different designs or features that match your vision and idea.



Whether a company is planning to outsourceAndroid app developer services or hire a Windows app developer, itis a crucial point to consider while searching for the right service provider. Most IT companies offer iOS and Android app development services. However, if you wish to hire a developer for one specific platform, you must look for skills and experience in that particular platform before hiring.



A portfolio will give you all the information you need about the previous projects that your candidate has worked on and this will help you decide whom to pick. Taking a look at their website and running a quick search of their reviews or ratings can give you a fair idea of their work. A company’s portfolio is an important factor to consider while choosing the right developers.


-Global Clientele

While reviewing any company’s history, hiring parties can acquire a sense of assurance and confidence when the service-providing firm has a global clientele. When there is prior experience of working as an outsourced team,  developers also tend to understand the challenges that come with it. Similarly, the development team will have a better idea of how to communicate effectively, follow deadlines and match briefs given to them.


-Post-development support

This is a crucial factor to consider when hiring app developers in India or from any other country. It must be discussed at the very beginning of the contract whether there will be any post-development support provided by the developer. Apps need to be updated and improved as per user demand and there may be a scenario where certain features are required to be removed or installed post-launch. Thus, a developer’s assistance and support is equally imperative after the initial launch of any app.



Mobile app outsourcing is certainly cost-effective as opposed to hiring in-house developers, who not only have a higher salary expectation but also cost additional money due to onboarding and other overhead expenses. However, before finalizing any outsourcing firm, it is recommended you discuss all prices and options. A predetermined budget for app development will help you find resources within your price range and also save you time. It sets a good precedent of transparency between both parties.



A lot of planning, research and decision-making is involved before companies can hand over the crucial task of app development to any external team. Non-disclosure agreements to avoid any breach of privacy, strong communication channels to enhance overall productivity and a long list of  references to gain reliability are a few more factors that are taken into consideration during this arduous process. Offshore mobile app development in India has seen immense growth and transformation due to changing demands and evolving technology.

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