Niche edits link building is a tactic in which a contextual link is counted to a current blog post or page on a website.

Manual niche edits are done by going out to sites directly and asking or selling to get your link added to a suitable post.

This is not a new method of link building, nor is it naturally a difficult link-building tactic, as we will differ in more detail subsequently in this post. Some niche edit links are set on hacked sites, unknown to the site owners while others can be legitimately made.

Manual Niche Edits

Nevertheless, not all niche edits benefits are manual, nor are they secure for your site. To comprehend the different ways that could be utilised to gain “niche edit” links, we must first take a peek at the origins of this type of link structure.

The account of link building has not been lacking in imagination or change. Early on, it was found that the power of a site and page outweighed the importance of being placed in appropriate content. This led to people adding links to pages in bulk, without a second opinion about relevancy.

SAPE Links

Anyway, the earlier link builders had a hay-day with link inserts. This gave methods to networks like the well-known SAPE network which allowed you to buy high PR/DA links very cheaply. As with the earlier prototype, relevancy was not felt when placing these links in most cases.

SAPE while not a safe method was pretty effective, leading Google to say and target SAPE on more than one event. Ultimately, the point of SAPE links would lead to their death, as they made it onto Google’s radar.

Nevertheless, enterprising link builders had brought a taste of the result and speed at which links being counted to existing content could affect rankings. So inherently, this approach would re-appear in many forms between 2013 and today, occasionally with utter indifference to ethics.

Beware of Link Inserts on Hacked websites

The next iteration of this was worse than its roots as individuals would unknowingly (or intentionally in some cases) buy link inserts on hacked sites. This went from a spot of black hat vs. white hat link building into an actual lawful matter of hacking sites.

To this day, some individuals are still hacking sites and putting links against their will and without the ability of the website owners. This means it is very essential to work with a legit niche edit assistance, at a trusted link-building business such as Samblogs.

Kinds of Niche Edit Link Building

Any degree of link building arrives with some troubles, but finding a safe niche edit link structure service is possible if you understand what to look for. As concerned, as a niche edit is a link that is counted to an existing post.

This suggests that broken link building and press statements could also fall under the “niche edit” class, both of which are authorised methods of earning links.


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