Suppose if you were to plan your wedding? Then isn’t it so that the very first question in your mind would be that do you need to order the cake first or the flowers? Show me my question only you would be easily able to understand the fact that both Cakes and floral combinations must match each other, or maybe you can keep it contrast, but the contrast should be vibrant and attractive for guests. Quite often, it so happens that if you choose the wrong wedding planner, there are 1000% chances that your cake and floral combinations are about to be ruined, and so would your wedding be. That is why today I have bought you those cakes which are not only amazing for weddings, but also you can incorporate the same combinations of cakes and flowers in different locations, which power you. The best part is that you can order and online flower delivery in India along with cake of the exact colors and combinations that you want, because nowadays, florists have not only the website but there in connection to lots of bakeries around the city, and that is why if you can get hold of a good florist then there are possible solutions that you can save your wedding or any other events like birthdays anniversaries office party Christmas, Hanukkah, Easter, etc. So let’s check out these combinations – 

1) Chocolate Cake and White and Red flowers 

Chocolate cake is something that we all love and whatever celebrations we might think of on top of everything comes that chocolate cake and unless and until you are allergic to it would be your favorite and always a top-notch choice. And that is the wife for any party or anniversary that you’re hosting. It is important that you keep a good color combination, and because the chocolate cake would be dark and rich, you need something that will glow with it, and that is why a combination of white and red flowers would be amazing. Greens available in the season would be a great add on not only near the cake but also along with the flowers. 

2) Strawberry Cake and Shades of Blue and Pink 

It is possible that you are a strawberry lover like me, and that is why you would want to incorporate a strawberry even in your cake indeed the strawberry cake looks not only beautiful, but it says this amazing, and that is why if you want your strawberry cake should glow along with flowers then you should go for shades of blue and pink flowers along with a few green shrubs added with it. So next time when you place a cake delivery which is pink in color, also ask them about the online flower delivery in the Bangalore office specialty pink and blue flowers that can be incorporated along with the cake nowadays, florist has lots of color catalogs prepared so you can choose it from there and ask them to put on the same design in your house. 

3) Orange Cake and Multicolor Flowers 

Hardly any cakes available in the market along with which you can use all kinds of flowers and still cast a spell on your guests. But you have an option over here if your wedding is being held near about the season when oranges are available when you can definitely go for an orange cake or even if oranges are not available, then you can go for an orange-flavored cake in which they use Orange pineapple and vanilla essence to bring about the best possible flavor of orange in your cake. The best thing about Orange cake is that it will look amazing along with multicolor flowers that mean not only you have an option of choosing from a variety of flowers such as Roses, Peonies, Lavender, Hydrangea, Lilies, Calla Lily, etc. 

4) Off-white Cake with Rustic Look 

Well, this is one of the most sorted after cakes on the internet, and of course, the creams have a lot of differences like you can have buttercream meringue or simple whipped cream too, which will differ in its colors too. Of course, with an off white cake, you can have as many flavors as you want just the fact that the cream above will be off white and you can have the cake of any taste you want. But one of the best things about and off the white cake is that if you are planning on having a rustic look to your wedding, then this cake is just perfect because not only it can incorporate lots of colors in it but it can just enhance the rustic look. And as far as your flowers are concerned, you can choose any flowers of multiple colors. You can go with two to three shares that time along with branches of trees so you can get those fresh and new branches from trees, and you can try these all with a brown thread. 

5) Fondant Cake and Multicolor or Twin color flowers

If there is one thing that we all love about cakes is that they can be incorporated with so many flavors and designs and at the same time please be above the palate. Fondant cakes are one of the best cakes possible available right now in the market; they can also be designed at home without any issues. Depending upon what color of fondant and flowers you choose on top of it, will determine the fact that whether you should go for multi-colored flowers or for twin colored flowers, which means whatever two colors you have chosen for your fondant, you can make them and decorate your house with it. And also, you can send cake and flowers to Bangalore.

To any of your relatives and loved ones whom you might have missed during the COVID-19 era. And there are various other things that you can do with cakes and flowers such as if it’s somebody’s anniversary, you can ask a florist to decorate the premises for your friends or family members. 

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