New Brunswick attractions

Do you want nature? New Brunswick has a lot to offer! Curiosity in the Bay of Fundy Park with the impressive Hopewell Rocks to visit by kayak at high tide or on foot at low, explore Kouchibouguac Park, observe black bears in their natural habitat.

And to finish in style, savor a good meal of freshly caught lobsters! Such a unique province as one can hope to find only in Canada. Don’t believe us? Plan your getaway and visit the united airlines reservations page and get your flight booking done online hassle-free.

And check out the below-listed places and attractions & suggested unique things to do and see in this beautiful place!

Some qualities of this beautiful province

Exceptional beaches and the warmest salt water in Canada

There, the watchword is idleness and fun! Sun worshipers, sandcastle architects, and paddleboard enthusiasts, New Brunswick is full of beautiful beaches perfect for swimming with family or friends. In all, more than 50 of these locations overlook the landscape of the Canadian region, caressed by the hottest saltwater in Canada.

With seas averaging around 29 ° C for summer, you will see that at Parlee Beach Provincial Park, Shediac, and southeastern New Brunswick, the beaches are as warm as the welcome, and lobster as tasty and fresh as the sea air.

Walk the seabed at Hopewell Rocks

The Hopewell Rocks site, located on the shores of the Bay of Fundy, is the perfect place to observe the highest tides in the world. At low tide, you can walk on the seabed and observe the beautiful rocks shaped by the force of nature over time.

At high tide, you can kayak right where you walked a few hours before. The entrance ticket is valid for two days: if you plan to stay near the site for several days, consult the tide schedule before going there to witness the presence of water and its withdrawal.

Visit the Miscou Island Lighthouse

Built in 1856, the Miscou Island Lighthouse is located at the northeastern tip of the province. Today it is possible to enter to discover its architecture and its history.

Take the opportunity to get to the top of the lighthouse and have a breathtaking view of the Baie des Chaleurs. After your visit, it is a suggestion that you have a picnic on the beaches located next to the lighthouse.

Take a trip back to the past at the Village Historique Acadien

To find out how people lived in Acadia during previous centuries, it’s at the Village Historique Acadien! Walk from house to house to put yourself in the shoes of the inhabitants of the time.

It is even possible to have a snack in a restaurant serving traditional Acadian dishes. And if you want to live the experience to the full, you can spend the night at the Hôtel Château Albert, an establishment located in the heart of the Village.

Top 5 things to do in New Brunswick

Eat a lobster in Shediac

It is well known that the small town of Shediac has been proclaimed World Lobster Capital and for good reason!

The one that has a very active fishing and lobster processing industry and even has its lobster festival must be crowned “Best City to Eat a Lobster”!

The Quai du Homard restaurant is also one of those places where you can taste the unpretentious “beast”, but also several other seafood dishes.

Bathing in Kouchibouguac

Kouchibouguac is first and foremost a magnificent national park, made up of salt marshes, dunes, forests, Barachois, and islands.

But, it has a huge advantage that many others don’t: You can swim in the warmest waters north of Virginia!

Ride on the Magnetic Hill in Moncton

The magnetic hill is a very strange phenomenon!

This unusual site is unique in the region and has fascinated ordinary people since the early 1800s.

To live the experience, you must ride to the foot of the hill in a neutral position. Then, you take your foot off the brake pedal and it is said that your car will climb the slope on its own! As if by magic!

The Bay of Fundy and Hopewells Rock

Finally, if you fancy seeing the highest tides in the world, head to the Bay of Fundy, especially the Hopewell Rocks area!

If you go there at low tide, you can take a walk on the seabed, very close to huge monoliths in the shape of flower pots that have been sculpted by the water.

Do you want to go there at high tide? Know that these spectacular rocks will have almost completely disappeared under the water because the tide is so important!


Get behind the wheel and tour New Brunswick, through maritime villages and natural parks. Your country inns, in the heart of the forest or at the water’s edge.

So, which of the places and things that you are planning to tick off during your holiday in Canada? Get packed and book your trip to New Brunswick with Airlines Vacations right away! And Let us know in the comments below about your experiences!

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