A quarter of 2020 has already been slipped through our delicate fingers. And if I were to rate it on the scale one to ten, I would rate it three. Not because anything specifically bad happened to me or someone else I know, but because our beloved world is going through a very dreadful and uncured pandemic known as the coronavirus outbreak. The world health organization has even announced it as a pandemic. Most businesses except grocery and medical are down for god knows how long. The fashion industry is one of those that suffered the most losses because of it. A store owner I know who sells women’s travel wear was weeping his heart out. Another wholesaler, who happens to run a prominent women’s pure cotton tops online said to me that they couldn’t deliver any goods from the past few weeks. 

We all wish the pandemic to end suddenly but let’s be real here, it may take a few weeks more until the scientists are able to find a perfect cure. People have different plans when it comes to stepping out when the pandemic is over. My plan is to open my wardrobe and pick out my most beloved pieces of outfits and hang out with my friends. The only drawback I perceive in this case is my collection is old, and I haven’t got enough chances to refresh my summer wardrobe. So I just scrolled through a few blogs to see what would be the people’s choice outfits of 2020 and why should I get them. And here is what I found: 

1. Trendy Headscarves

Do you want to look trendy yet classy? Is a granny chic look your style? Do you love to make a style statement with something that will be way different than anybody else? Then a lovely silk scarf with 70s classy print should be your very choice. Tie around you head a smooth, old-style scarf and you will definitely be the center of attraction in the parties. In 2020’s summers it will stand you out from the rest. 

2. Silk Scarves with Logo

Another variation in the silk scarves, the scarves with logo are the new favorite of the people of today. By wearing such a scarf, they are sending a strong vibe to the outer world about their personalities. Do you love BMW? Or the Gucci’s your primary choice for accessories? Or Rolex your favorite wristwatch brand? Now you can flaunt everything as you adorn yourself with a class, logo style scarf around your head. 

3. Floral Plazo

Plazo, the upgraded and comfy version of Indian women’s traditional salwar came into the existence a couple of years ago. After a short time, it quickly became an all-time favorite of Indian women due to these qualities: First, it was really comfortable to put on. Second, it is light and hence, can be worn during the summers. Third, they are very cheap as compared to other trendy outfits. 

4. Muscle Tee for Today’s Women

A muscle tee is such a strong piece of outfit that it does not suit each and every girl. If you are very thin, then muscle tee may not be the best thing for you to wear this summer. However, if you have a strong and assertive personality and fit body shape, you will just be gaining stares from all the boys out there. Yes, a muscle tee will not your ordinary sleeveless tee. With its padded shoulders and fitting which is oversized, it can compliment a very mundane pair of jeans.

I can understand that the social lives of people all around the world have been ruined due to pandemic. And in the last 100 years, the coronavirus pandemic can be stated as the worst and most-feared disease of all time. The reason behind this is it made people turn themselves like self-induced inmates in their own homes. As a result, depression, and loneliness took their toll and made the man, who happens to be a very social being, hopeless to the very bottom of their hearts. So what should we be doing to turn our depression into our excitement in these tough times? It is very simple. All you have to do is find a hobby, abe be excited about it. You can also cheer yourself up by defining what you are going to wear this year. 

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