Looks like you are all set to construct a new, stunning, state-of-the-art complex featuring sports-related facilities for everyone. That’s certainly great news. No matter if you have just dived into the world of sports and starting off with your dream project or probably you are a pro and is almost ready to inaugurate your eleventh complex, making such a huge facility is an achievement in itself. Usually, sports complexes provide recreational activities for people of all ages and interests. Having such a space show that you not only have an unbeatable passion for sports, but you care for the wellness of society, and the health of people living in it. 

Trust me or not, the construction of such spaces was never as easy as eating a cake. Even though in today’s times, technology and architectural marvels have made a number of things relatively easier for us, building a wide-spread setup is still tough as cracking a walnut just with your teeth. Construction is complicated, always. 

The person and his whole team have to take a lot of things into consideration before actually starting the development of a sports complex. For example, several sports complexes in Jaipur took several years to build. Here’s the builder’s checklist:

1. What Activities Do You Prefer?

Having a plan to develop a sports complex is just the first step. Remember, you need to list out the specific activities you want to feature on the same ground. You won’t have enough time to first start the construction and then sit back at a lakeside resort and ask yourself “Should I host that specific activity on it?”. Remember, time is a valuable resource and you can’t control it. Hence, ask yourself that of what ages of people you want to host? And what is your planning to serve them? Also, safety standards are different for each kind of activity you host. And that’s why all this planning has to be done in the advanced. Hence, always plan the activities, study their safety measures and then include them in your building plan. 

2. Is the Contractor You Chose Good Enough?

The selection of a suitable contractor never comes easy. It’s actually the thing that gives the owners the biggest headache. Because you make one mistake here, and your complete project is doomed. I remember a story about a conference hall in Jaipur whose owner took 3 months to find an experienced and renowned contractor for this project, and later the conference hall was known as one of the best ones in the city. Your takeaway here is scrolling through the profiles of different contractors and enlist the ones who have – previous sports complex construction experience, high reputation, and zero failure rate. Yes, zero. Check their websites or testimonials if you want to. 

3. Knowledge of Building Regulations

Building regulations get changed in every other place. If you are in one city then, it’s possible that the regulations will be different there. If you are in a different city, you might find some rules you didn’t know about in the first city. It is really important to know all the regulations and take your first step in accordance with them. Remember, the approval of the municipality committee will be essential before you could embody your plans in real life.

 The zoning department of the municipality will then check and approve your plan. Once your plans are approved, you can go ahead with your head high and start the construction work. 

4. Looking at the terrain

Did you check the terrain before buying the land for the sports complex? If yes, you are wise and won’t have to worry much about the future. If you didn’t, call an expert and see what can be done while keeping the cost-effective. 

Remember, the people who will play at the ground will measure your services by looking at the quality of the turf. So how can you find the perfect terrain? Are you sure you want to go with artificial turf or natural grass? For natural grass, a number of things should be considered first like fertilizers, planting rate, planting date, seeds, rolling, tillage and much more. 

A new sports complex, as appears from the name is really a complex thing to design. But with the right tool and mindset and a really experienced contractor at your disposal, you can build one that excels. 

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