Water is a fundamental piece of life. About 60% of the grown-up human body is comprised of water. The cerebrum and heart are made out of 73% of water. In any case, just 1% of water is accessible for human utilization. Be that as it may, because of contamination from synthetic solvents of Industries and plants, soil and germs from climate, even that 1% is getting to be unfit for human utilization.

Alongside it, water-borne ailments are spreading at an alarming rate, and individuals understand the significance of drinking clean water. Therefore, the interest in water purifier has shot up, and a market is overwhelmed with various brands of water purifiers. This has made disarray in the psyche of a purchaser on which item is directly for them. Though the water purifier price in India is one of the deciding factors while choosing the perfect water purifier for your home, other parameters are also as important as it can be.

Here are the top 5 parameters that you should consider before purchasing a water purifier for your home.

1. Water Quality

On the off chance that the water provided to your house is high in TDS, hardness, and saltiness, then RO is the best decision for your home. RO has a semi-porous film that has a pore size of .ooo5 microns. Such small pores can expel the most diminutive of broke up salt, metals, and debasements.

For zones where water provided to home is delicate and has TDS under allowable farthest point, carbon enacted channels can function admirably.

2. Day by day Usage

Dissect typical day by day utilization of water for your family. Know whether you need water just for drinking reason or for the whole house. It will give you a reasonable thought regarding what sort of water purifier you need. If your day by day utilization is high, you would require a high-power and more top yield rate model, which can successfully channel a vast inventory of water. On the off chance that it is low, you can without much of a stretch go for a littler water purifier. Continuously think about the number of clients before acquiring this item. On the off chance that you are living in a joint family; at that point, water purifiers with less amount of water will be futile. On a sour note, the Output of water from Water Purifier in one hour ought to be not precisely the quantity of clients.

3. Know your spending limit

Ability much you are wanting to put resources into purchasing a water purifier. When you know your spending, you can search for the item that accommodates your bill. The water purifier is quite a while venture, and it is continuously prescribed to go for an excellent brand. To check on the prices of the water purifier, you can call Aquaguard toll free number.

4. Cleaning process and Technology

The ideal approach to choose among numerous brands of water purifiers is to look at their sanitization innovation. The innovation utilized in water filtration influences the nature of water. Each water purifier has some components to channel the tainted water. There are specific marks for these details like RO, which represents Reverse Osmosis treatment. RO utilizes a semi-penetrable layer to expel Hardness, Metals, particles, atoms, and bigger particles from drinking water. At that point, there is UV, which represents the Ultraviolet water purifier framework, which uses Ultraviolet beams to eliminate germs present in the water. At that point, there is UF, which represents Ultrafiltration. UF utilizes Hydrostatic weight against a semipermeable film to clean microscopic organisms and infections from the water. TDS control represents the filtration method, which controls the last TDS and hence, tastes in water. pH Balance Technology is the most recent innovation in Water Purifiers that adjusts the pH Levels in Water. It is incredibly significant for you to check various refinement stages engaged with the water filtration. You can choose this item dependent on the sanitization innovation that suits your necessity.

5. Power

The UV and RO water purifiers require power. So on the off chance that you remain in a zone where there is a power cut or deficient power supply. You should select a substitute water purifier to adapt up to the power cuts.

A decent water filtration framework will guarantee the wellbeing of your relatives and shield them from germs. Tainted water will cause more mischief than anything. Pick the water purifier in the wake of social occasion information and dissecting it as opposed to being affected by the ads. This is significant in settling on a choice on your wellbeing and your family. Continuously investigate all elements of a water purifier and pick the best as indicated by your needs.

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