Fashion is not a term of choice anymore. It is not something that one deliberately have to go in order to appear unique and elegant at the same time. It is a way of life now. Fashion defines you and your style may be impactful enough to set the new trend in the market. 

Fashion becomes a part of your personality before you know it. However, the months of March and April in the current year seem to separate everyone from their beloved and sparking clothing pieces, we are still very hopeful to put them back as soon as the corona pandemic is over. Without a doubt, the businesses that used to sell women’s jackets online as well as very trendy and new designs of women’s bottoms online are now out of delivery services. However, they are just not going anywhere. Soon, they will be functional with their full potentials and you will be back with your favorite contemporary outfit again. 

I, will all other people in this world, is hoping and wishing for the best. I would love to see my favorite street food vendor again on the road. I would love to see those red government buses running in a huss. And the people with a variety of expressions, clothes, and thoughts in their minds walking around the streets here and there. In simple words, if the world comes back on its track and starts flowing as easily as possible, I would just savor the very sight of it. But right now, we all are really bored. We do not have any choice to do the activity we want except reading out a few blogs on upcoming trends in the world of fashion. I am sharing with you the designs in clothing industry I think will dominate this year: 

1. Eva Cotton-Jersey Tank

This might be the most basic piece of clothing I will be listed on this blog. These sleeveless tanks are very comfy but they don’t have too much of a sparky appeal to themselves. You can wear them to your Everything The cotton jersey with a pair of blue jeans makes is good, but this piece is really good when you are traveling to one of the hot countries such as India, Pakistan, and Afganistan. 

2. Lovely Summertime Leather

Did anyone say that Leather was meant to be worn just during the winter? Well, the new designs in the leather which are too soft and light with fabric to be worn on a cool summer night, especially when you are at a night camp, picnic, or a disco party. No matter how much people avoid wearing leather, they never actually go out of style. And often, there will be a handful of people on an occasion who would be wearing these. 

3. Leather Wrap Midi Dress

There are a handful of brands out there that manufactures some of the softest faux leathers out there present in the market. You can choose any of them if it really suits your style. As I mentioned in the previous point, leather is not everyone’s cup of tea, you may not like a brown, shiny, leather elements wrapped around your thin body. However, it becomes a great choice in Halloween parties, and themed parties. 

4. Cute Mesh Mini Dress

These cute, colorful, and stunning mesh dresses are popping up again as always all over Instagram thanks to some celebrities and people who want them to get back on the fashion track. Get with it or as they say – get left behind, mesh mini dresses are like just that. While they add a sexy appeal to your legs, and elegance to your upper look, and attractiveness to your overall body shape. It is undoubtedly a great choice for you. 

It is obvious to comprehend that the pandemic had have a very dramatic effect on the life of people all over the world. The corona pandemic can be termed as the most dreadful of all pandemic humans ever experienced so far. According to several sources, the side effects of corona are depression, irritation, and secluding. If you are feeling the same ones then you must see some hobbies that keep you occupied throughout the game. Yes, this is really very important. For an instant, you can subscribe to one of the video streaming services, and watch a series. Apart from that, you can also subscribe to some fashion and trends magazine like me and stay ready for the months after the lockdown. 

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