If you want to grow your business, you have to make some trips. Business travel is important, whether it means meeting a new customer, speaking at an event, or attending a conference. But amidst the mess and cost of travel, traveling can be a stressful experience.

With many sites like AirlinesMap, Orbitz, Kayak, and Trivago, it will be easier than ever to compare airline, hotel, and car rental prices to find the best deals. However, keep in mind that some companies do not appear on these types of sites.

Southwest, for example, does not appear in Expedia results. But, AirlinesMap won’t let any travelers choose from. It’s become one of the most trusted and choosable platforms by millions of travelers.


Highlighting the points you should consider for Business Travel:


Ask locals for restaurant suggestions


Some of the best foods I’ve eaten are recommendations from the locals. Not only are these establishments delicious, they are often not tourist traps, meaning they are lighter on the wallet – especially during lunch.

I say I’ve met some of the greatest people ever, just talking to the local people. You can also ask where the nearest grocery store is and buy ready-made salads or entrees. If you have a kitchen, you can also buy some things that you can prepare quickly. 


Find alternatives to hotels


Gone are the days of stay in hotels only. With Airbnb, you can find cheap accommodations by following some tips and tricks with all the amenities of a home. And, sometimes, the host also leaves you some snacks and drinks such as water and coffee.

Also, I have yet to stay at the host’s house without Wi-Fi access. If there is one thing I cannot afford, it is to pay for internet access in a hotel. While I am a big fan of Airbnb, I still find that sometimes you need to book a hotel because of its location. If you do this, sign up for coupon sites like HotelCoupons.  


Do not pay with cash


While you do not want to put yourself into credit card debt, I use credit cards or eCash money for all my business needs because they offer rewards point programs.

This means that whenever I buy office supplies I get points; I trade them when I travel. If you do a lot of international travel for work, find a card that does not have foreign transaction fees. 


Travel with only carry-on luggage


One of the easiest ways to save time and money is not to check in the luggage. This saves you from waiting to check in the bag and then waiting for it to arrive at the baggage claim at the other end.

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Also, if your luggage exceeds the weight limit then it frees you from paying those expensive fees. The extra time needed to pack is also cut off: no, you don’t need those extra shoes.

Yes, bring an extra shirt. Rotate through your clothes on a schedule – so that you don’t give a speech by wearing the same shirt three times. 


Fly with just one airline or book one hotel chain


Once you find a favorite airline like – Delta Airlines or a hotel, stay with that company. Travelers can make delta airlines booking online in any class and earn rewards or points for free hotel stays and frequent flyer miles.

Other benefits include Wi-Fi access, entry to the VIP lounge, and priority check-in and boarding – all of which can reduce travel stress while saving you some money in the long run. 


You May Use Uber


One of the most overlooked costs when it comes to travel is ground transportation. You can replace car hire, use public transport, or take a taxi by learning to love Uber.

Uber not only saves your time (I order a ride as soon as I am walking by a plane), it can also save you some dough because you are only paying for the distance you travel. Do, as opposed to buying all-day train passes, for example.

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