One of the most powerful and sturdy firearms is the 1911 pistol. It has a vigorously toughened and firm design that offers you the advantage of rough warfare. Although it is hard to train and practice it, regular training would let you master the techniques. Here comes 1911 holsters for you to safely carry the gun and avoid mishaps.


1911 holsters- In brief

For carrying a 1911 pistol, you need a specific case designed to keep them and cover the muzzle. Such carrying cases are 1911 holsters. They cover the mouth of your gun, from muzzle to trigger, and lock it into a tight fit. These holsters are available in a huge variety of sizes and designs that could hold 1911 pistols without any accidents.


Features of 1911 holsters

The 1911 holsters are toughened and stable in their design. This is because the gun is not basic, rather it’s a structured one with science applied to its structure. Read the given point to know why 1911 holsters are perfect for you.


  • 1911 pistols are available in many sizes and offer lots of options from small to bigger sizes. Therefore, 1911 holsters are also available in many varieties such as .22 LR, 10 mm, 9mm, .40 super, .45 super, .45 ACP, and many more. You can have any customization as per your choice.


  • These holsters are very good at concealing guns. From trigger to muzzle, the gun is covered, and can easily be hidden in your clothes (coats and jackets). With a strong belt, you can keep your gun firmly and avoid injuries.


  • These pistols are designed scientifically, and so are the holsters. The complete holster structure is designed in a way that offers proper resistance to any discomfort and stability.


  • These holsters require you to practice the draw for a proficient carry. The holsters are tight and fit, also you need to lock the gun before placing it in the holster. It is a safety process that allows you to stay safe and be trained.




  1. Can 1911 holsters be customized?

Yes, 1911 holsters can be customized in lots of ways. There are tons of different sizes of 1911 pistols available in the market, and all of them can’t fit into one kind of holster. According to your gun size, carry position, chosen holster fabric, and concealment, the perfect 1911 holster can be designed. The holster straps, flips, rigs, guard locks, trigger design, stack design, and calibers are very different in each model, so for that, you must discuss all the requirements with your manufacturer in detail.


  1. Is a 1911 holster a good conceal carry?

1911 pistols have a bit larger size than the usual ones, which makes them stand out more than others. But despite that, 1911 is mostly flat and non-bulgy, which makes it comfortable to conceal. Out of so many sizes, the smaller 1911 pistols look like a 4” x 4” post, easy to be concealed by a loose cloth. This fact is the most useful to cops and detectives.


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