The event industry is continuously evolving, especially after the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. The adaptation of virtual events proved to be a fruitful change for organizers and event planners as they offer wider reach and obey the rules of social distancing.

On top of that virtual events have also proved to generate a greater ROI, however, in order to do so, you need to leverage certain tools that will help you engage the audience. Thus, organizers and event planners are always on the hunt to find virtual event platforms and tools that can increase the probability of success.

Today we will be talking about online event technology that a marketer must know when hosting a virtual event. 

Online Event Technology Tools

Now the necessity of online tools is established and we can go on to elaborate on what and how to leverage. Essentially you may utilise any set of tools/platform that increases the probability of audience engagement, which is the key aspect of any event. Let us take a look at some engaging event technology tools:

Having a Website for Your Event

Having a dedicated virtual space where your audience, or potential audience, can attain valuable information regarding the event is essential.

Not only will it attract a new audience but it will also keep your audience up-to-date. Your website can also be the portal to your registration, announcements, or even post-event content.

Some of the other features you may leverage in your website; posting the Timings of your event, generating and propagating exciting hashtags, branding, and impressing your audience. 


Polls are one of the most efficient ways to interact with your audience while simultaneously attaining crucial information regarding their input and opinion of the event. It is quite blatant that polls work best because of their repeated use and result. Polls can be of 2 types; Pre-event and Post-event. 

Pre-event polls are important to understand what your audience will be expecting in your event while also understanding their requirements if any. After obtaining this information, you may include or exclude certain components in your event to compliment your audience the best. Essentially increasing your net ROI as you will tailor-making the event as per your audience’s input. 

Post-event polls help you understand what your audience liked and disliked in your event. They are good for experimenting purposes, as you may gain valuable insights after trying something new, which is always recommended to engage your audience. 

Social Media

Social media platforms are undoubtedly one of the best ways to market your event. The ability to promote your event and advertise to a wide range of audiences, especially with a social media influencer, can help your event grow exponentially by attracting new potential audiences.

Social media also acts as a free advertising platform if you may engage your audience to post on their social media related to your events. You may also leverage your audience’s online presence by hosting online contests and introducing healthy competition among your audience. You may also include hashtags to spread the word around regarding your event. 

Live Streaming

Once you have selected the correct virtual event platform which complements your event the best, the next step is to understand and incorporate a live streaming platform.

Your event will be broadcasted to the entire world and hence having an uninterrupted live stream is of prime importance. An online live streaming service will also encourage your audience to participate even more, thus boosting your overall attendance rate. You may leverage certain live streaming platforms such as YouTube, Discord, and Facebook. 


On-demand is a feature that you may present on your website for attendees and yourself! It is probable that some of your audience may not be able to attend the event even after registration, you also need to keep them in mind and approach them with an innovative approach.

You may record the entire event, with all the interaction and sessions, and make them available online for those audiences. Your working audience will be inclined to be in your favor if you do so.

On the other hand, making your event available online will also help you attract your audience by providing a glimpse of what you have to offer. 

Interaction with Your Attendees

Engaging tools such as live conversations, live chat, and 1 on 1 meeting will help you promote your event on a personal level. When hosting a business-oriented event, it is important to keep your attendees entertained throughout the entirety of the event, and interacting with them is the right way to do so.

Leverage live chat tools to keep on interacting with them and going through the event with them. Video chat and Audio chat are also some neat features for better conversation, not only between you and the attendees but also among themselves! 

Another great way to interact with your audience is by introducing Q&A sessions where the attendees can ask their questions freely. Providing your attendees with such opportunities to interact will make them feel included in the event.

Q&A sessions are also a great way of making sure that your attendee’s voice is heard, any sort of doubts and questions can be resolved by Q&A sessions via chat, audio, and/or video communication. 

Over to You

The event industry has experienced certain changes in the format of the event. Ever since the introduction of the COVID-19 pandemic public has ceased attending traditional in-person events. Instead, virtual events are now preferred not only by the attendees but also by the event planners and organizers.

Virtual events provide a wide scope of marketing opportunities, connections, a wider audience, and moreover greater ROI. It is quite natural to believe that virtual events lack the level of interaction as observed in in-person events, however that does not necessarily have to be the case!

You may leverage certain engaging tools and incorporate them into your event and activities to increase the net audience participation and engagement. The above-mentioned points are some ways by which you may utilize engaging tools and develop greater ROI. 

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