For every fashion enthusiast woman, the perfect look is all about wearing the right set of clothing with the matching, chic jewellery. Jewellery adds to the appeal of a specific attire. Also, a person’s style and personality are always depicted by what kind of jewellery she adorns.

If you are one of the jewellery lovers, then how about you follow some of the great names in the world of fashion such as renowned bloggers and fashion models? There are many girls and women on social media who came into the light just because of their love for fashion. These bloggers are not just specialists in their field, they are people to get inspired from. 

1. Gem Gossip

Gem Gossip is run by Danielle. She tells that her passion to collect fashion jewellery started back when she was just five years old. In her blog, she answers the people’s and other industry designer’s question, she talks about the latest trends in the world of gemstones, and she also sometimes showcase her beautiful collection of jewellery. 

2. Kelly In the City

A very charming lifestyle blog, Kelly in the City is one of the most grossing blogs online. It usually displays articles and galleries about all things which include wedding dresses, home decoration, photography, gems, precious stones, traditional and modern jewellery. As appears from the name, the owner of the blog is Kelly. She lives in New York City and stays active in the fashion terrain 24X7. 

3. Gem Obsessed

A very punchy blog name isn’t it. Cheryl Kremkow is the owner of the blog and she writes almost all the blogs there. The Gem Obsessed blog is all about jewellery. You want to find what’s going in the fashion world, you go nowhere else and stop right on the Gem Obsessed. And know what, you will get the information there certainly. This blog is all about the latest trends in fashion and what kind of jewellery is the talk of the celebrity town. You will definitely love it. On a side note, if you want to Buy 92.5 Silver Jewellery Online in India, just visit this trustworthy website. 

4. The Jewellery Loupe

Founded by Cathleen McCarthy, the jewelry loupe is also popular as a community of people who have a fine taste in jewellery, the history of ornaments, and a bit of excitement towards what is happening in the current trends. Cathleen started The Jewellery Loupe back in 2009 and since then, it is climbing the stairs of success. People are loving it more and more. And the daily footfall on the website is just getting increased. 

5. Pandora Moa

Doesn’t the name seem a bit odd? Maybe, but the stuff inside this blog will blog your mind. It may be the last in our list but it definitely isn’t the least. Here, you will find things that you will not find anywhere else such as guides to give perfect gifts to your friends when it comes to specific original gifting. 

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