You can’t imagine the cost of hiring an inexperienced photographer as I can because I have gone through the trouble of it when I was not aware of what type of photographer I should hire for my cousin sister’s wedding. The wedding photographer that came for cousin sister’s wedding was totally a ruin. During the wedding, we thought that he was doing the photography and we were satisfied with him when we first time talked to him during the hiring. But we knew the truth when photo album came, and I can’t tell how loud I screamed because he ruined everything of special wedding moments. It is the price that I paid and my sister too that I still regret. Though we didn’t pay the money but the thing is not about the money at all while those special moments that we lost believing in a photographer who was not experience. The photographer that we hired in our sister wedding was referred by someone else in our family. That was why we easily believed and got the loss. Through this experience, I learn a very important lesson “never believe what others are saying.”

Though my cousin sister somehow forgot this but I can’t, and in our family’s next wedding I kept and paid attention to what vendors we were hiring and what not, and especially during the hiring of a wedding photographer. But nothing happened in our family’s next wedding as happened in my cousin sister’s. Because whatever vendor we booked, we booked through the help of online portal. It is an online wedding market.

While browsing on the internet one day and searching about vendors online, I went through some websites and try to use their services. The first vendor that I searched on the website was a candid photographer. I didn’t need to do anything extra. It is a simple process searching on it. I selected the vendor, selected the city and then hit the search button. Within few seconds all the Delhi’s experienced and professional photographers’ list appeared with all the contact information and social media profiles, those who had. I contacted one by one each photographer unless I found one according to my budget. And when the day ended I had found what I was looking, a wedding photographer in my budget. According to the city, the portal was showing the best candid photographers in Delhi. It was one of the best experiences of using online service.

When I met the photographer in the meeting that I booked with him, he behaved nicely and showed his portfolio too both online and physical. We were totally satisfied with him and finally hired him for the wedding. And during the wedding, just to check, we paid attention to what he was snapping, and he showed us in the camera what pictures he had taken. Seeing the pictures, we were confirmed that we hired an experienced photographer. When the wedding album came, it was all beautiful and attractive. 

Through these portals, you can plan your whole wedding because every vendor you can find on this website and in the city you want. During the wedding, I booked all the vendors from it. Just contact and fix a meeting with them whoever you want to meet. It is not like old style that you have to walk miles and ask your many good friends which one is best and which one is not. It is lots of headaches you know. But these online portals made me stop worrying about anything. Find what you want according to the city you want.

So at the end of the day when we were all dancing in the Sangeet ceremony, my family and me were very satisfied that our every penny was going worth for the things we wanted. Because when money gets wasted unproductive and unfruitful, it pains. But luckily not in the next wedding.  

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