The closer we get to Nov 2021 CA exam days, the more we need to learn the best lesson tips and tricks to prepare you for the CA Final exam. If you are one of those CA students who decide to study just weeks after enrolling for CA Final Exam Nov 2021, you have probably realized by now that it is too late. Because you are under a lot of pressure and there is a lot of information in front of you that seems impossible to store in your mind.

Get ready to start studying for the CA final exams

  • Organizing and arranging subjects by date and subject matter; Makes finding key and important information fast and efficient. When you can find what you want faster, your stress will be reduced and it will be easier for you to study.
  • Also, if you have a plan or other activity that needs to be done, think about it before you start studying so that the stress of doing them does not distract you.
  • Do not trust the sounds you have recorded during class, they are good for reviewing sessions, but on exam night, just learning the key points by reading the notes will help you learn faster.

CA Final Exam study schedule

Try to find the CA Final exams of the previous courses to identify the important parts of the subjects and the more important information that may be asked in the exam questions. You can also choose the CA Final Test Series Nov 2021 as it is best for practicing the tricky questions asked as similar to the real CA Final Exam.

This saves you time and helps you prepare for your CA Final exam faster. It is very helpful to consult with senior CA students, as they have passed this CA test once and can tell you which part of the course is more important and which is less important.

Do not go through the material at all in the last moments before the test, it is quite normal to want to use the last seconds, but it does not add anything to your information. It only increases your stress level, which makes it harder to remember things during the test. If you study a little every day before the exam, words and minutes will not come to your battle during the exam and it will not be difficult to prepare for the CA exam.

How to study for CA final exams?

To increase the speed and accuracy of learning, it is necessary to have time to rest during the study. Rest time means 5 to 10 minutes thinking about something other than 100 pages of the booklet. It’s a good idea to take a brisk walk, do a hobby that you enjoy, read a chapter from your favorite book, or any other short activity that distracts you from the lessons. Note that time laziness and laziness are different from rest. Do not be lazy under the pretext of rest.

Deep learning has better results and you do not need repetition and practice to achieve this goal, but you should pay attention to the type of material you are studying. If the material is conceptual and the main basis of the lesson like CA Final Test series Nov 2021, try to understand it and understand its depth, this way it will be easier to learn, and if you are learning memorized material, by constantly testing the points you have learned it Keep it in your mind.

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