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Trends in the world of fashion changes with the speed of light. The time when people used to brag about their heavy sets among their friends and relatives is long gone. It is the era of minimalism, simplicity, and continuously changing choices. Nowadays, folks all around the globe have no further liking of watermelon-heavy gold necklaces, ear-tearing danglers, or difficult to maintain nose pins. And on top of that, some ornaments such as Matthapatti and Borlas have gone absolutely out of date. As time takes its toll, certain fashion statements lose their chronic appeal and get replaced by ‘cooler’ stuff. The people of today are the followers of ravishing celebrity picks. Instead of visiting a jewellery store physically, they just open their phone’s browser and buy a larimar ring online

Jewellery traders and diamond experts have also begun to observe the posture and velocity of the market and the changing habits of their customers. Several of these businesses, no matter whether they deal in silver ornaments or gold women’s black stone rings, have started listing their product range on a number of social media and ecommerce platforms. Undoubtedly, this would be called a wise move as a seller or dealer is supposed to think ahead of their customer’s choices. It is expected from them that they should tag themselves along with the trends and technology as well.

Jewellery experts all around the world are giving weight over the crowd’s movement towards lightweight jewellery. They say that adorning lightweight jewellery can be the trend of the century. According to the experts, that kind of adornments are outstanding and are here to stay because of four amazing and distinct attributes – comfortable to wear, affordable to purchase, a touch of elegance, and suited for every kind of occasion. Five years from now lightweight jewellery weren’t in the trends very much. Only from a few years we are witnessing the splending reaction of people towards buying these. 

Heavy jewellery are usually pain during the summers. While one gets covered in sweat, smashed by the daunting heat rays of the sun, and hot air, those heavy pieces of adornments feel like the greatest burden. However, that’s exactly when lightweight earrings or bracelets come as a savior. Since we have already got rid of the sweating summer and slowing transitioning into cool, fresh, and breezy winters, light-weight pieces will still be the crowd’s favorite. They are easy to manage, they don’t cause pain in the ears, they don’t create rash marks around our neckline, and the most fascinating thing about them is they let us laugh, enjoy, and dance all we want. Hence, there’s is no reason we shouldn’t get ahead and embrace and cherish them. 

In the age of social media, jewellery is not something to show off one’s opulence. It is indeed the statements of one’s style and choice now. People want to stay comfortable in what they wear. Yes, the flaunting is still there but not in a jealous or competitive way like the old times. It’s just about standing out the rest of the crowd and introducing uniqueness in how they choose and how they want to look like. There’s no doubt that traditional Indian jewellery will never go out of style. They will always be there when the combined touch of elegance, tradition, and belonging to one’s roots is needed. 

There has been a surge in the market of traditional-themed lightweight modern jewellery. Those pieces don’t cost much, they are much more comfortable than old-school heavy neckpieces or bracelets, they are easy to put on and put off, and also have very minute details of rural India’s village ornament taste. That way, one can look artistic and modern while still being in touch with their history, tradition, and legacy. There are certain jewellery houses that are rolling out very specific old-turned-modern jewellery designs inspired by cities, cuisines, and even old royal families. 

The number of minimalists has been increasing day by day in the twentieth century. Those people admire being accompanied by as little physical necessities as possible. They try to find happiness in less while spending more time with people, society, in nature, and with animals. Light-weight jewellery pieces are a heaven for those people as they allow them to spend less time in choosing what to wear, putting them on and off, keeping them safe and regular cleaning. If you haven’t tried such pieces yet, this is high time you have embellished your wardrobe with such a nice assortment of lightweight jewellery such as necklace, earrings, and bracelets.  

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