Could your ponytail game use an upgrade? Do traditional elastic hair ties get tangled in your hair, or even worse, break while you try to stretch them around your ponytail or bun? Well, I do have the fix for you. Coil hair ties are taking the beauty community by storm and for good reason. This upgraded hair tie style is made of resilient rubber material in a distinct spiraled coil shape. Because of the spiral shape, these hair ties deliver a seemingly weightless and comfortable experience. The result is a hair tie that is gentler on the hair shaft.  It also makes tangles, knots, and discomfort nearly impossible. And it lasts longer and is more hygienic than a traditional elastic band.

How Will This New Style of Hair Tie Change My Beauty Routine?


We’ve all been there, you’ve had a high pony in with a traditional hair tie all day at work. When you get home, try to relax and let your hair down, you can’t. Your trusty hair tie has tangled with a few strands of hair and created a knot that absolutely will not pull out. You contemplate cutting it, but you don’t want to ruin your haircut. So you painstakingly pick apart and detangle the knotted mess until you’re free. With a coil style hair tie, this situation is completely avoidable. Thanks to the smooth spiral shape, and stretchy, pliable plastic material, you can wear your high pony with confidence and remove it just as comfortably! Simply pull the hair tie out, and it glides out with ease.

Weak Hair Ties Breaking

Here’s another situation we’ve all been in; you’ve had your trusty elastic hairband as long as you can remember. You’re doing some work, and just want to pull your hair out of your face. You pull out the good ol’ elastic tie, work all your hair up just how you like it, and as you stretch the hair tie to fasten it into place- bam! It breaks at the seam. Dang it! Had you used a plastic hair tie with a spiral coil, your pony would’ve gone up without a hitch. You can stretch, wash, re-stretch, re-wash, throw it in the bottom of your bag for a month, forget it in the laundry, let the cat play with it, and the material will never wear down. 

So Where Can I Find This Magical Product?

These coil hair ties sound amazing, right? So now where do you find them? Haircare gurus Milk + Sass have an amazing selection of these coil hair ties, and they even come in different colors so you can mix and match them to suit everyone’s taste and disappear right into your hair! Sugar Twists are the spiral hair ties to keep your pony mess-free, with less pulling and hair healthy and smooth. Milk + Sass is a one-stop haircare shop and carries a variety of high-quality hair treats to keep your mane happy and healthy. Check out the adorable Macaron all in one travel detangling brush, or the super sweet detangling and anti-frizz products.

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