Creating animated videos online is a growing trend. More and more users are feeling overwhelmed by the constant bombardment of written information by different brands. That is why mass emails and informational texts are becoming obsolete, and many companies have adopted another means of communicating: video animations.

Currently, there are many online platforms that allow you to create professional animated videos. These pages are easy to use, not to mention that with them, you can get great videos in just a few minutes. Before the emergence of cloud platforms, it was necessary to have powerful computers to run the software locally. Nowadays, this has changed, and almost any computer is enough to create videos.

Advantages of creating animated videos online versus creating them locally

Aside from helping you impact your audience, creating animated videos online by professional Video animation company versus doing it locally also offers you the following advantages:

You streamline processes and lower costs

Local programs generally have a more complex interface, not to mention that they can be expensive. This is not the case with online platforms. They have a dynamic and easy-to-use interface that allows you to create incredible animated videos in just a few minutes.

You don’t take up space on your PC’s hard drive

This is also important, as many computer programs take up a lot of hard disk space and can cause your computer to slow down. When creating animated videos online, your progress is saved in the cloud, plus you don’t need to install anything on your PC for the platform to work.

You can work from anywhere in the world

Creating animated videos has never been easier. Online animated videos can be created from anywhere in the world and using different devices, since all you need is to be connected to the internet. Likewise, the use of this type of animated videos will also have several advantages for your business, so it is worth incorporating them into your marketing strategies.

How to create animated videos online?

The online video creation process will depend a lot on the platform you use. If you want to know any of these platforms, we invite you to read our complete guide for creating animated videos.

Although the process changes depending on the program, in general we can say that to create an animated video online you must:

Be clear about your goal

This is important because it will allow you to define the language you will use, as well as to choose the appropriate layouts and templates.

Know your audience

This aspect is also essential to create successful animated videos. This will allow you to convey the message in a more effective way.

Choose the best tool

According to your interests and abilities, the next step that you should carry out is to choose the online tool that offers you the best results. For that, you should explore each one a bit and see which of them best suits your abilities and needs.

Start creating videos

This part of the process is the one that can vary depending on the tool you choose in the previous step. However, basically what you have to do is choose a template or a blank canvas and start adding animated elements, texts and audios that help you communicate effectively with your audience.

How much does it cost to create animated videos online?

The cost of creating animated videos online will depend on the monthly subscription price of the platform you use. For example, platforms like PowToon or Animaker can cost around 16 to 80 Euros per month, depending on the type of subscription you choose.

However, many programs also have a free version. Although it is true that this version has limited functions and features, the truth is that they are still very complete and allow you to create high quality animated videos.

Will creating animated videos help increase my leads?

Definitely yes. Animated videos are proven to be able to capture the interest of users, which translates into increased sales and popularity of the company. According to the discipline of neuromarketing, this is due to the fact that animated videos have a positive impact on the brains of consumers, making them interested and attentive to the information that is communicated.

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