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Most people spend 8 to 12 hours in their offices on a daily basis. Given that we only get 24 hours in a day, you spend a third to a half of your life in your office. Considering your job is mostly a sitting one, you will wonder how significant the role of your office chair is in your life. Yet most people tend to ignore the very importance of a perfect office chair that provides comfort, a good posture, and no back sores at the end of the day. 


Although there are a great many numbers of shops for office furniture in Jaipur, not all of them might offer the chair that would suit you. In other words, different chair manufacturers in Jaipur have their unique chair designs and according to the nature of your work, not every chair might offer you the comfort and assistance you need. And when it comes to sitting on the same chair for almost 2000 hours a year, you might want to give it a thought to replace yours with a new, perfect one. 


If you don’t know much about office chairs, don’t worry, we have designed this guide to help you find the chair that would suit you flawlessly. Let’s go on with the tips:


1) Lumbar Support

If you are a person with a medium or a high weight, the constant sitting job for years would occasionally start to put pressure and weight on your lower back. Some people may even begin to experience symptoms of back strains, sciatica, and even as much as slip disk just after a decade of working on a chair. The lack of exercise and a dull routine also contributes to the problem. Therefore, a chair with a great deal of lower back support should be your priority when you go out to buy furniture for yourself. There are many better quality ergonomic chairs are available in the market with adjustable lumbar support. Regardless of your height, you can adjust them according to your comfort. 


2) Adjustability

When we all are people of different heights, sizes, and weights, then imagining that one chair size does not fit all is the right way to think. So if a chair is coming with different adjustable options, you should make a run for it. Today, there are chairs in the market that has arm width, height, lumbar support, angle, and even tension controls. Such chairs are your go-to items because even if it does not fit your initially, they definitely will after a few adjustments. 


3) Wheel Base

Some people argue that chairs with no wheels are better than chairs with wheels. However, the truth is exactly the opposite. A lot of people among us don’t even notice that reaching different objects on a stationary chair in the office put different amounts of stress on our different body parts. This strain initially doesn’t show any effect on the body. However, if the work is constant, continuous pain arises in that area. A wheelbase chair can put you out of such a long-impending danger. 


4) Can Your Chair Be Reclined?

Sitting and working in the same position from morning to evening isn’t good for your back. oftentimes, you will feel the need for reclining and that’s when a recline-able chair will come in handy.


When you are working in an office setting, productivity and your attitude towards the works as well as your colleagues become noticeable by a number of people around you, including your boss. If your office chair is constantly giving your back multiple sores due to wrong postures, faults in designs, and lack of comfort, you will find your productivity goes down with time. 


A state of constant pain or discomfort is known to reduce a person’s happiness and enthusiasm. As a result, his behavior gradually moves forward to become easily annoyed, dull, and occasional anger periods. Not only does a bad chair put a bad impact on your productivity, but it also steals your happy self and changes everyone’s positive perception towards you into a negative one. On the other hand, employees who don’t have to worry about comfort thanks to their wise choices in choosing chairs, can employ their minds to other areas of concern. 

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