In the recent lockdown, when normal life has come to a halt, people are facing several challenges- from professional work to daily household chores. To minimize the losses, a large number of organizations across the world have opted to ‘work from home.’ When we talk about students, this idea does ring a bell! To continue learning without any hindrance, many educational institutes have facilitated online learning classes and solutions. These e-learning solutions can be easily accessed from the comfort of homes & help students continue their learning and academics. Hence, studying regularly is no longer an issue despite the closure of schools. In fact, there are several advantages of studying at home.

Below mentioned are Some of the Advantages of Studying from Home

Self-Paced Learning

Most eLearning solutions are personalized for the students i.e. they can learn at their own pace & get personalized feedback. The biggest advantage of self-paced learning is that students have complete control of the syllabus & freedom to plan and study different concepts. While studying at home, they need not stress about competing with the entire class. They can set the target to complete a particular chapter according to their learning pace and preference.

Today, there are e-learning solutions such as learning apps that facilitate personalized learning. Students can easily refer to a topic as many times as they want. Further, they can also take tests available on these apps to evaluate their learning.


A physical classroom space might bind the students throughout the lecture even if they are not feeling very attentive or susceptible to receiving new information. Learning apps like Learnflix solve this challenge by providing the students flexibility of time & space- they can learn whenever & wherever their mind is lucid & focused!

Additionally, students can also complement their textbook learning with a range of quality learning content available on these platforms.

So, the closure of schools doesn’t mean that the studies will suffer. In fact, this lockdown is the time that students can utilize to find their learning sweet spot with new eLearning options.

Saves Time and Money

If students study at home, they save a lot of time otherwise spent on chatter with classmates, teacher-transition between classes or commuting to & fro for after-school tuitions. And, they can use this extra time to pursue other interests.

If students use mobile learning apps like Learnflix to study at home, they can successfully do so without having to spend too much.

Closing note

As highlighted by the above points, home learning is an excellent way to study at your convenient pace and time. It is becoming an increasingly popular choice over conventional classroom learning for students across the world. Flexibility and ease of access to high-quality digital learning content on these learning apps make them an attractive proposition.

In the current lockdown, or any other scenario that might derail the regular course of academics for school students, studying at home with the help of digital tools is the best solution to avoid any learning gap.

To keep up with studies in an engaging and seamless way, students can download Learnflix, one of the best personalized learning apps for students studying in 6-10th standards (Math and Science). Have a happy & learning day!

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