Whether you are taking a career shift or just looking for a side hustle, getting a headstart in the real estate business can be a major move. Tell you what, there are absolutely great reasons to crack this job. Aside from you make your own hours, you also get to earn good money, meet new people and help them sell out or find their dream home.

Let’s get to the point. For everyone looking into entering this field, there’s one big question like “How do I become a great real estate agent?”.

Simple answer: it takes a process, where the very first step is to make sure if this is the right career choice for you. A real estate agent plays various roles in marketing and purchasing properties. These include assisting buyers and sellers to arrive at the right price that is under the best terms, understanding current laws and regulations in the market, hosting virtual or open-house tours and preparing offers and paperwork (contracts, deeds of sale, closing statements and the like).

In a nutshell, if you think you are someone who gets comfortable with sales, then this job could be right for you.

BUT! Before we give you tips on how to master this role in the real estate industry, here’s a gentle reminder to you. Whether or not you take it as a full-time job, being a good real estate agent requires total commitment and a serious attitude. With that in mind, here are a few important steps to becoming the best agent there is. 

Master the art of communication.

Good communication is king in real estate business because the main focus is getting people to buy properties and seal the deal through a killer “sales talk”. Just as how good you are in speaking, a good realtor should be a good listener too. Selling out or making a big purchase is a major milestone in every customer’s life, which is why they want to feel as though you are here to give some advice, pay attention to their needs and understand their financial capacities.   

Expand your connections.

To be the best, you need to accept the fact that you cannot do everything on your own. Make sure you have the right support system to help you thrive in the business. By building connections, you need to form partnerships with useful people who can recommend your services to others. They could be home loan providers, builders, interior designers and even people from another real estate agency. Remember, a good agent knows how to return a favour, so you must be willing to help them succeed in their business as well.    

Keep good relationships afloat.

A good agent does not cut ties to previous clients. Keeping in touch with the people you worked with is important. Who knows, they might recommend you to their friends and families in the future. It is not necessary to contact them every single day, but a simple greeting card on holidays will do.    

Determine clients before you work with them.

Sizing up is a great method to help you concentrate on serious buyers. Save your time and energy from people who are “just-looking”. A good realtor knows how to determine the difference between interested hot leads and curious heads. 

Build an online presence.

Now that almost everything is online, getting on social media provides an easy way to market your services. Create your profiles on various social networking sites and make sure to provide fresh and engaging contents that will push your audience to visit your page and learn what you can offer. Do not settle for less, there are tons of tools that you can use to boost your online presence and reach a wider market.     


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