Feeling low? Trust me, we all have been there. There are times when everything seems difficult. Usually, at such points in life, you demean yourself to an extent that you start considering yourself nothing but a loser. Here are 9 tips for all those feel-better moments.

1. Make your space comforting

Most of the time when you are in a bad mood, your surroundings play an important role in it. Try to surround yourself with things that make you feel good. Be it anything, your favorite books, songs, or plants. Good lighting also helps in cheering up the mood. You tend to feel more sad or depressed if you don’t have enough sunlight in your room. Open up your window and get some sunlight if you are in a dim room.

2. Decorate your room

Your space should make you feel happy and lively always. If it doesn’t make you feel that way, it’s high time to give your room a makeover. The best way to decorate your space is to paint it with funky colors to cheer your mood up. You can either go for bright colors like red or subtle colors like shades of pink depending upon your choice. Colors greatly impact the way you feel.

3. Remind yourself that not every day is a bad day

Life is full of bad days but that shouldn’t make you feel like your world has ended. If you’re having a bad day and nothing feels right, remind yourself that maybe today is not the right day but tomorrow will be better. Look for the silver lining in bad situations, remembering what you have learned till now and how far you have come. 

4. Clean your space

Indulge yourself into something productive. Spend your time cleaning or organizing your room. Messy surrounding can make you feel more stressed and can bring down your mood. Let go of things that you don’t want anymore. To make your mood more cheered up you can also put scented candles set in your room. 

5. Listen to uplifting music

It’s no wonder that music in some way or the other makes you feel better. Even if you listen to upbeat music for a brief period, it improves mood and makes you happy. Sad or slow songs might not create the same impact when it comes to uplifting the mood. Create a powerful playlist so that you can access it whenever you need to boost your mood. 

6. Hug someone

Hugging someone when you’re low can never go wrong. Physical contact is an all-time mood booster. Giving someone a hug creates a flood of feel-good hormones. Sometimes you might not find someone to give you a hug, then try giving yourself a hug. You don’t always need someone to make you feel better, you can be your own best friend(you have always been).

7. Positive Affirmations

Repeating positive affirmations every day for a few minutes is something you should put into use. Positive affirmations improve mood, boost confidence and reduce stress. The trick is that your subconscious mind tends to believe what you repeatedly tell it. It can be used as a technique to convince yourself that the things you tell yourself are actually true.

8. Don’t think too much about your situation

Avoid dwelling on your situation for too long, it can make you feel even worse by making you feel you’re trapped in a negative cycle. If you ever find yourself stuck in a particular thinking pattern, distract yourself with things or activities that make you happy and fresh. Read a book, go out for a walk, have your favorite dessert,  just don’t sit in one place and think about your situation. 

9. Cuddle with your pet

Bad situations make you dull and inactive. Usually, it’s difficult to get out of those situations but if you have a pet, things get easy. If you want to feel active again, spend some time with your pet. Playing or cuddling with your pet will improve your mood just as much as spending time with your loved ones.    

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