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Choosing a new washing machine might be tough. Not only should the ideal machine produce very clean clothing, but it should also do it conveniently and effectively over many years.

Additionally, it should provide numerous features and capabilities to enable you to wash a variety of garments and other household items. Individuals in the market for a front loading or top loading washing machine may select from a variety of brands and models equipped with cutting-edge technology.

There are numerous strong and well-known brands such as Godrej, LG, Samsung, and IFB washing machines available in India with the latest features.

The following are seven tips to assist you in choosing the best washing machine for your home.

The capacity of the washing machine

The capacity of a washing machine is one of the first factors to consider while shopping for one. Start with family size, frequency of washing, item sizes, and the total cost you are willing to pay.

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Drum capacities typically range between 5kg and 14kg, with 7kg being sufficient for the majority of households.

Types of washing machines

There are two types of washing machines.

  • Fully automatic
  • Semi-automatic 

The primary distinction between a fully automatic and a semi-automatic washing machine is that with a fully automatic washer, all processes, from washing to spinning, are automated. In comparison, a semi-automatic requires manual transfer of clothing from one tub to another.

Fully automatic washing machines may further be classified into two categories according to their setup.

  • Top load washing machines
  • Front-load washing machines

Clothes are loaded into the top load washing machine via the door positioned on top of it. For example, with a top-loading IFB washing machine, customers may avoid continually bending over to load their clothing and even add additional garments mid-cycle.

Front-loading washing machines include a hatch situated in the front, which helps make them more efficient when there is a limited amount of space.

They are gentler on garments, minimizing the danger of causing harm to sensitive fabrics.  Front-loading machines have several benefits, so their price tag is greater than that of top-load washing machines.

Drum Material

The most popular type of washer drum is one that is covered with porcelain. A drum made of plastic is another option that appears in several versions and its advantage is that it is easier to clean. Purchasing a wash with stainless steel drums is the most costly option as they are the most sturdy and durable.

Wash Programs & Requirements

Wash cycles are the many kinds of programs that your washer employs to accomplish its tasks. 

Once you’ve sorted your laundry, you may wash those specific clothes using one of the machine’s wash programs. Cotton, synthetics, wool, and denim all require distinct washing periods and temperatures. Additionally, some washing machines provide a quick wash and an extra rinse cycle.

An inverter or a non-inverter machine

A conventional washing machine is equipped with a motor that is designed for a fixed load and performs optimally when loaded to its maximum capacity.

However, a washing machine equipped with inverter technology enables the motor to run at the optimal speed for the load on the machine since it automatically adjusts its speed in response to the load. 

A washing machine equipped with inverter technology is equipped with sensors that sense the load. Inverter technology has proven groundbreaking in terms of reducing power consumption in the majority of appliances. With the advances in technology, both front load and top load washing machines come with inverter motors.

Energy efficiency ratings

The BEE rating indicates a washing machine’s energy efficiency. The greater the star rating, the more energy is saved. A five-star washer conserves more energy than a four-or three-star washer.

Although washing machines with a five-star energy rating consume less power, they are more costly. However, purchasing the costly five-star rated washing machines saves money over the course of the machine’s life.

Hi-tech features

If you are one of those who use an app for the majority of daily tasks, you will undoubtedly want a  front load or a top load washing machine with app connectivity.

Few models have a well-designed app that enables remote activation of the wash cycle, displays the status of the ongoing wash cycle, and sends an alert when the cycle is complete.

Additionally, some apps provide power consumption statistics and allow users to download customized wash cycles for specific items. Other well-known features include a child lock, auto restart, and delayed wash.

A large LED display makes it easier to use and appreciate the washing machine’s various features. 

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