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Xiaomi, a Chinese Tech giant has already taken the market by storm with its high-performance yet low cost smartphones to emerge as India’s No. 1 player. And if you thought, that was all, then think again. With their foray into the world of Smart TV’s in India in 2018, the story has been no different here too.  Knowing for shattering all benchmarks and re-inventing technology at jaw-dropping prices, they have emerged as the top player in this new market segment.

Smart TV’s are a relatively new concept for India and Xiaomi has been at it for less than 3 years now. A 55-inch smart 4K HDR TV for Rs 39,999 was hard to imagine back in the day after all. And this was followed by even more affordable options with varying screen sizes in the coming months, but more importantly, it’s how quickly Xiaomi was able to understand the market, and tailor-make their offerings with superior specifications and honest pricing that helped them capture the lion’s share of the market they had set out to achieve. 

Are you contemplating on buying a new MI LED TV? Then we will tell you why that could be one of the best decisions you could ever make

  1. Best-in-class Pricing

Xiaomi used the same brand strategy for Smart TV’s by creating appeal for budget buyers as it did for Smart phones. The brand aims to make smart TVs accessible to more consumers and with the recently launched 2021 Redmi’s range, will further break barriers to make a smart TV more affordable to the lower groups too. Xiaomi has about 9 models of MI LED TVs in the Indian market priced between Rs 14,499 to Rs 54,999 in the 24-inch to 65-inch screen sizes.

  • Top notch entertainment

These TVs redefine the way you watch TV shows and movies and enable you to experience life-like colours and brilliant picture quality and detailing. The powerful stereo speakers complete your cinematic experience with rich audio quality for a truly immersive experience. With the built-in Chromecast, you can easily stream your favorite content from your smartphone.  Further, these TV’s are officially approved by 2 major platforms- Netfix & Prime so you can be assured of top-quality content

Mi LED TV comes at an unbelievable price Rs 14999 and features a HD-   Ready display that provides an incredible level of viewing, 20W speakers with DTS-HD deliver room-filling sound. The improved PatchWall 3.0 comes with 5000+ apps and games available on Play Store.

  • Voice controlled

These TV’s come with the Google Assistant built in. You can also connect them to other devices for a Smart Home experience. The thin-design Xiaomi Mi LED TV 4A 40-Inch Model supports voice control, so users can use the remote with built-in mic to give commands such as “shut down after 10 minutes “or” fast forward to 54 minutes and 21 seconds” to control certain functions without pressing a single button. Isn’t that incredible!

  • Highest quality standards

If there is one brand that really listens to their customers, then it has to be Xiaomi. With its ears close to the ground, this customer-centric brand believes in continuously talking to their customers to ensure they keep making their products better. The Mi Fan Early Access Program is one such movement where Mi TVs are sent to enthusiastic fans to test the features first. This helps Xiaomi get feedback and incorporate suggestions for features that it may or may not bring to its Mi TVs in the future.

  • Made in India

With advanced features, you also get to enjoy the pride of owning a TV which has been Made in India. In October 2018, Xiaomi partnered with Dixon Technologies and started local assembly, at Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh and over 85% of Xiaomi Mi TVs are now made in India. Xiaomi has recently partnered with Radiant in Telangana to further augment its capacity of Smart TV’s in India.

  • Ease of Installation

With the social distancing norms and guidelines, you will no longer need to visit a physical store for your smart TV purchase. From the comfort of your home, you can now purchase your smart TV and enjoy hassle-free installation too.  Xiaomi has over 700 service centres covering close to 12,000-13,000 PIN codes and up to 95% installations which happen within 24 hours after the request. Basic installation is not chargeable however wall-mounting does involve some nominal charge.

And with the 3-way support available for servicing your TV i.e. chat support, hotline number, and e-mail, you can be assured of quick response to your issues.

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