Many claim the benefits of using a bong or a marijuana smoke gem while smoking. The reasoning is that by inhaling through a gas mask one can experience the most powerful hit of weed ever. It has been said that smoking from a bong will give one the same high that is experienced when using marijuana smoked from a joint. However, there is much more to this claim than meets the eye.


The first benefit is the fact that smoking from a bong provides a much different perspective on marijuana than the popular perception does. Many smokers, especially those who use it for relaxation and energy, are used to the cold and sterile feeling that hot air produces. By inhaling a gas mask bong, one can experience the warm and heavy sensation that comes from smoking marijuana the natural way. Many who smoke with their mouths prefer the feeling that comes from smoking from a bong because it is cooler and more relaxing.


A second benefit is that using a gas mask bong allows for better visualization. This is especially beneficial for smokers who find it difficult to achieve a high without the use of marijuana smoke. This is because using the bong allows one to ingest the drug into the lungs rather than simply exhaling it like they would with a joint. By doing so, the individual can experience the entire effect of smoking marijuana. This is especially important for those who are afraid that they are not able to reach climaxes without the aid of marijuana smoke.


A third benefit is the ease with which the gas mask bong comes with adjustable head straps. These head straps are designed to fit comfortably around the user’s head so that the user does not have to worry about them falling off their heads or hitting the ground. The adjustable head straps also make it easy for a user to take them off when they need to go out. The head straps will adjust themselves accordingly when you need to take them off to enjoy your next hit of marijuana.


A fourth benefit to using this type of bong is the ability for the user to achieve an extremely intense and powerful hit of marijuana smoke inhalation. Many who smoke pipes or joints often find it very difficult to inhale all of the smoke from these products. By using a gas mask bong, you can enjoy a much more intense hit of smoke inhalation. Many who use these products to smoke other substances find it hard to complete the entire inhale. With the adjustable head straps on the product, it becomes easy to smoke the bong without worrying about inhaling too much smoke.


Finally, the gas mask bong provides users with the unique opportunity to easily alter the temperature of the air surrounding the carb hole on the top of the bowl. This allows users to choose a different temperature depending upon the

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