Motorcycles are quite the heartthrob for many people out there and, in my opinion, rightly so. I mean, a two-wheeler that comes with such good looks is bound to have anybody’s heart rooted in their admiration. Moreover, they also come with attractive gear. There’s the wonderful sound of the engine to top it all too. But more on this, later on. You may be in the mood to buy one for yourself. Rumor has it that you may be putting up with financial constraints, safety concerns, parental conflicts, or double-mindedness. I’m here to help you with everything. Well then, let us begin!


Yes, those hours of strenuous exercise in the gym can be, to a greater extent, be replaced with a long and fun ride! It’s scientifically proven as well. Go on, you can ask why! And the answer is simple. When you’re on the bike, you have to maintain your body posture. The maximum stress is directly upon your core, and on your hips, and legs as well. Plus, you have to have a very keen focus on the road. That’s where your neck muscles come into play. Determination, focus, and a clear head to get to your destination or enjoy the cool wind on your face; all help to give you a memorable ride that makes you learn so much more about yourself and the world about you! Compare that to a car, and you don’t get half the fun.


A car is composed of not-so-environment-friendly components. So is a bike, with the plus point that these components are very few. Moreover, the car takes up more gas. So, that’s going to weigh heavily on your budget. A motorcycle, not so much. When you talk about the exhaust the case remains the same. Cars produce far too many toxic chemicals and pollutants. A bike, on the other hand, utilizes lesser gas, is fuel-efficient, and releases only a few pollutants into the atmosphere. To add to this, a motorcycle also takes only very few non-renewable materials to make.


When you ride in a bike, you’re more involved in the fun activity. You have to focus more and as you do, you also enjoy the cool breeze on your face blowing your hair behind you making you look like a superstar. What fun is riding a metal-piece without any human control? Contrary to a car, on a bike, you have to be more vigilant and make those turns carefully as you lean. This allows for a lot of excitement and focus. 


If you are a motorcycle owner, you are going to get stares from other motorcycle owners too. And yes, they are going to approach you and then you are going to become good friends. That is the way with motorcycle enthusiasts. They are always very friendly and keen to know about more motorcyclist friends. A simple “biker wave” will add a friend to your list of friends already. Bikers indeed enjoy a very engaging “brotherhood”. Then you can talk and talk about motorcycle gears and customizations! And yes, it’s a complete world of knowledge!


A motorcycle does truly reflect your personality as well. The motorcycle that you own will talk volumes about yourself. And so, will your motorcycle gear that you wear. Your helmets, gloves, and saddle Bags will do the talking. Moreover, motorcycles are very highly customizable compared to a car. You can buy and then change a motorcycle to match your personality. Change the colors, the tank, and the tail just like you want it to be. Take it out for a ride, and you will see admirers flocking to appreciate your ride!


Bikes, compared to cars, are also quite cost-effective. On top of this, their maintenance also requires minimal cost investments. Tires are less costly to repair, so are the other components. A couple of thousand dollars and you can buy one of the best vehicles in the vehicle industry. Moreover, you can enjoy greater speeds, at this rate, in comparison to cars.


Riding a motorcycle provides you with invaluable experience. Out on the road, you learn to survive alone. You also get to handle difficult situations since riding a bike teaches you a lot about determination, focus, and perseverance. Moreover, you also get to gain more knowledge about your whereabouts. Involvement with a biker community helps you gain friends that remain with you for a lifetime. 


Riding a motorcycle is not too much of an expensive deal. The gas will cost you nothing in comparison to a car. They are more cost-effective and fuel-efficient. Moreover, they are quite light in weight, have a low cylinder count, and come with a smaller fuel consumption ability. They are, as a result, less taxing on the owner’s wallet and budget.

Blaze Through

Yes, a motorcycle will often end up putting a wide grin on your face. Do you know why? As you see all the car owners stuck in a dense traffic jam, you will be able to realize the tragedy they are in. Especially when you whoosh past them, not only you but they will also realize the good aspects of having a motorcycle. With a motorcycle, however, make sure not to “literally” whoosh past your road companions. Keep at a normal pace. In a traffic jam follow the rules and regulations of the state and then maneuver your way out of the jam on your way to your destination!


The thrill of riding a motorcycle cannot be compared to any other vehicle, no! That’s a simple no, no! You get to have the firsthand experience of looking at the road as you blaze through without any limited vision. In a car, you have “walls” all around you. As far as a motorcycle is concerned, not so much! Plus, on roads where the speed limits are relaxing, all you have to do is caress the accelerator and bam, at lightning speeds you will racing through to your destination. Your heart will race, blood will race to your temple, and you will surely feel flabbergasted. Many motorcyclists love this feeling. However, if you do not then refrain from doing this. Always observe the speed limits and only accelerate within them.

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